Saturday, August 13, 2005

September 1992


Poland threatening to fire striking workers in car parts & coal mining, who are emulating Solidarity

Wm Safire accuses Atty Gen Barr of covering up Iraq-gate, for pol reasons, that Justice steered FBI agents away from rewarding lines of inquiry, delaying indictments. Says Ag officials in the grain-financing scandal were not interviewed by FBI. No wonder “no evidence was found.”

Fr gov worried that Maastricht Treaty will be rejected by referendum, as polls indicate. Delors threatens to resign

Russia has legalized small bribes for the traffic cops


Ukraine publishes names of farmers (kulaks?) who don’t deliver quotas of grain to gov. 2 provinces (of 15) have banned grain export, perhaps w/little result

Bush to sell 150 fighters to Taiwan. China to pull out of arms control talks in retaliation

Tajikistan Parl votes no confidence in CP president

Br says if Fr votes against Maastricht, it will be dead & Parl won’t be asked to ratify. Yet, Major will not appear in Fr to back the treaty, as Sp PM has & Chancellor Kohl will, even though Br holds the Eur presidency


CA budget after 64 days stalemate. The bastard governor wins. Single mothers w/2 children will get a princely $624/mo, from $663. Aged, blind, disabled get assistance cut 5.8%. UC cut 11%. Line item vetoes of earthquake repair, CHP & insurance fraud control cut in ½. Cities & counties to have funding cut drastically. In per-pupil spending, we’ll drop from 34th to 39th. Wilson didn’t get to delay entree to kindergarten, end adult dental care for poor or cut welfare 10% & retarded aid 15% (only 7%)

Hit by major hurricane, Dade Cty has elections postponed, but results in state-wide elections are not sealed from rest of state

Bush’s handlers approved every line in every speech in the Conv. Incidentally, the writer of his acceptance speech is gay

MIT found guilty of antitrust for “conspiring” w/other elite U’s to fix financial aid

More Bush election-yr bribery: $1b to subsidize wheat sales abroad, lots of money for Florida after Hurricane Andrew, fed gov paying all expenses instead of usual 75%. And will rebuild an air force base that would probably have been closed. And arms sales to Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, upgrading unnecessary —1 tanks

Clinton’s uncle led lobbying effort to give Clinton protection from the draft. Had a slot created for him in Naval Reserve if he needed it

A Ger gov spokesperson says Stasi plotting current ethnic riots

Nicaragua, hit by an earthquake, gets almost nothing from US. Jesse Helms says gov is Sandinista dupes & has gotten gov in June to stop spending last of aid package until they return confiscated lands & prosecute those killing former Contras.

Bush, to be a Texas resident & not pay income tax, must have an address (the hotel room) & a piece of prop. They own 30 X 150 ft, which the appraisal district said 1990 was too narrow for a house, but Bush had them revise the ruling

White House has dropped a conserv plan to unilaterally reduce capital gains tax by inflation

UN team says Iraq no longer has an arms industry

Turkey says it got assurance from US that it would oppose creation of an ind Kurdish state in Iraq


Russia to send peacekeeping troops to Abkhazia while Georgians withdraw. Actually Abkhazians are only 18% of region, an old USSR attempt to dilute Georgian nationalism

Bulgaria’s 80-yr old ex-head committed for embezzling $24m, they say


Buthelezi tells Inkhata youth to confront ANC & destroy them

Clinton admits he was told in March that his uncle had lobbied to get him out of draft. Earlier this week said he’d never heard of it


Ciskei police fire automatic weapons on peaceful demonstration by ANC, killing at least 24. De Klerk blames ANC. ANC won’t resume const talks until Ciskei’s military ruler removed. The 1990 coup leader, Brig. Gqozo, 1st pro-ANC, but made paranoic by helpers retired from SA intelligence

Bosnian Croatians order Bosnia gov to w/draw soldiers from area around Sarajevo, I guess joining the Serbian siege. Step towards “cantonment,” like Switzerland – or is it Beirut?


Atlanta to require liquor sellers to sell condoms

Bush admits his promised $1b bribe to farmers in export subsidies will be taken from other agric programs to tune of $1.7b, because more exports mean we the consumer pay more. Gov says that’s negligible – there’s 2¢ of wheat in a loaf of bread – but it still adds up to $1.7b, doesn’t it?

Hong Kong (& Br) deny asylum to a Ch. poet involved in pro-democracy mvmt

Colombia’s new const requires changing its 19C treaty w/Vatican which gave church right to legislate family law & prohibit Caths divorcing. New const also ends obligatory Cath ed. in pub schools, cancels right of priests not to be tried in state courts. Abortion still illegal

Tajikistan president forced to resign

Bush may be Harry Truman, but he didn’t vote for him


Ed Carnes, the Prince of Death, confirmed for Fed appeals court 62-36.

Winnie Mandela quits all positions remaining in ANC. The scandal this time is mis-appropriated funds


Family leave passes (again) 241-161

Bush did the lips thing again, said 1990 tax increase was a mistake and he’d never do it again. Ever, ever, ever. [That’s a quote. Well, only 2 evers]

Bush proposes to cut White House budget 33% if Congress does same. Says he could afford it if there weren’t Congressional staff badgering White House for reports & visits to Capitol Hill

Survey of US jails (41% responding w/60% of pop) found 29% admit holding mentally ill w/no charges, 23% on minor charges (disorderly conduct, vagrancy). 7.2% in jails are schizo or manic-depressive


Labor Sec admits N Amer Free Trade Agreement would cost up to 150,000 jobs. Says admin would spend $330m/yr, for 5 yrs, to retrain them (for non-existent jobs). Still not explaining where the money comes from to triple job-training

NATO troops, 5,000, to be added to UN in Bosnia. UN has 1,500 + 12,000 in Croatia.
-Serbia using W relief flights to Sarajevo as cover for bombing raids

Japan to give students 1 Saturday off/mo. Worries about the Apocalypse abound. Comps, local govs, etc, organizing activities, to make sure there is no unstructured time

1 a week, Bush has announced $23b in Fed subsidies, foreign arms sales, hurricane disaster assistance

In Moscow, 70% of newly unemployed are women 45-55. City to close 1/3 of day-care centers in next 2 yrs. There is a bill in Parl to restrict work of women w/children under 14

Republicans gay Log Cabin Club has not endorsed this yr’s ticket
-R’s set up Rs for Choice 2 hrs away from Conv
-An amend expressing “concern & compassion” for victims of rape & incest was defeated
-Henry Hyde says unwanted babies should be embraced like unwanted immigrants

Voice says summer 1984, it got Deep Throat anon. calls on Geraldine Ferraro (now running for Senate), invariably accurate. WaPo says July92 that a team of ex-IRS & White House aides masterminded this. This yr, Ferraro has managed to get press to ignore her mob links, and attacked opponent Liz Holzman for stopping to male neg. tactics. “Who would’ve thought that the Year of the Woman would come down to any woman?” Though can’t find anything she did for mob, found 24 connections. Her pub papers are sealed. Her family was mob going back to gather, husband’s family, 2 cousins. 1978, when 1st ran, helped by illegal campaign contribs (important because during a newspaper strike) & aid from mob unions. Her campaign manager & later chief aide was son of a Genovese capo. Various of her fundraisers have been killed or are in jail. 1984 she said she was cutting connections to husband’s comp but didn’t. Their son, sent to condo-jail for drug-dealing (w/cable & maid service), then set up business w/Mafia money. He is in law school now

Women join the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham P.


Quayle says homosexuality is a choice. The wrong choice.


Peru captures head of Shining Path, the Mao of the Andes


Some arms were diverted to SA using forged export licenses

Fr gov threatens the people w/maintaining high interest rates if they vote against Maastricht

US to “compensate” Israel for Bush’s election-yr arms sale to Saudi, inc access for Israel to satellite intelligence

A US plane was shot down by an Iraqi plane ½7/91. Previously, US admitted none. Said this plane (the 1st US casualty), was hit by missile. They knew then there were no missiles in area & couldn’t have reached that height. Another plane repeatedly asked permission to shoot the Iraqi down & was refused because the Awacs didn’t see it (2 aircraft near each other can both vanish from Awac’s screens)

Bush threatens to pull out of debates if Clinton doesn’t agree – by Friday – to his preferred format: 2 instead of 3, a panel of questioners not 1 moderator as the ind commission refuses. Bush is afraid of follow-up q’s in depth

Bush threatens not to let Congress re-authorize Endangered Special Act if he isn’t allowed to log the habitat of northern spotted owl

Canada gives asylum to 2 Ch. women turned down in Hong Kong

EPA head Wm Reilly admits if Mexico chose to attract Amer. factories by relaxing environmental standards, N Amer Free Trade Treaty would give US no recourse

Lithuania 1990-1 PM linked to KGB, by high court, during that period


Yeltsin to turn over transcript of black box of 1983’s flight 007

Ch. to boycott arms control talks, protest against US sale of F-16s to Taiwan contrary to Ch-US agreement


Marion Barry, out of jail for cocaine, elected to DC City Council by wide margin. So much for statehood

The commission on debates canceled 1st debate as Bush refused to accept a single moderator

Eur currencies falling apart. Br pulls out of Eur Monetary System after raising interest rates from 10 to 15% in desperation. This is an effective devaluation which last week Major called “a betrayal of our future.” Major ran on maintaining £ at any cost, in EMS. Major will have to reconvene Parl early
-It. has also pulled out.
-The problem is that Ger interest rates are too high because of Ger integration costs. Everyone thinks Gers are being selfish


Jean Marie Le Pen claims Mitterrand’s prostate surgery last week was a “political act” to coincide w/Maastricht campaign

Special prosecutor Lawrence Walsh closing down Iran-Contra investigation, $32m in the hole, after Weinberger’s trial

A PBS special on black & Hispanic election concerns was re-edited by PBS to delete 8 min. of Clinton because Bush refused to be interviewed. Another way in which Bush controls the terms of the debate

2nd Fed Circuit Appeals Court allowed a murder conviction to stand, though the lawyer was 71 & so sick that NY Sup Court’s disciplinary arm didn’t suspend him only because he promised to retire after the case, and be assisted by another lawyer, which he wasn’t. Those allowing the conviction were all Bush & RR appointees– nominated by D’Amato

Phyllis Schlafly’s son is gay. He also lives w/his parents at 41.

Ecuador quits OPEC

Clinton admits getting Sen. Fulbright’s office to help on draft 1969

Ger comes to some sort of deal w/Romania to allow it to deport thousands of Gypsies, presumably skipping asylum procedures. The size of the bribe is unknown. This is the solution to racial violence

Major no longer talking about quickly rejoining EMS, now suggesting it must be changed. It. PM Amato said it’s like the puppet shows where the bad guy hits the good guy w/a stick & suggests Br pols grow up


Pakistan’s sharia courts now make laws w/out parl. Has banned interest on loans, causing foreign lenders to pull out of a hydroelectric project, which collapsed. Has condemned quotas for regional & ethnic imbalances. Several Christians have been charged w/insulting Muhammed. Benazir Bhutto, in opposition, opposes this. The relig minister says she is an infidel liable to the death penalty


W/anti-communism dead, R’s made up in bogey men in quantity what they lost in quality: media elite, porn, Woody Allen, Murphy Brown, Hillary Clinton, gays, coddling of criminals.
-A lesbian reporter said the Conv’s blondes in red dresses looked like extras from the Handmaid’s Tale, though those in sequined gowns looked like drag queens.
-Platform lauds Boy Scouts for discriminating against gays
-Voice says R feminists are different sorts, who think child care & family leave are econ sound, tracking male defaulters on child support is cost-effective, & gov should no more intervene in abortion than in business

Fr votes for Maastricht by a full 50.7%. That’s a victory? When set up, was expected to be 70%

The D’s & NYT found themselves endorsing Ted Weiss’s reelection in last Tues’s primary, though he had died Monday. The only other person was New Alliance Party. Weiss did win, so D machine can give his seat to... Stephen Solarz, who failed to take a seat carved out for Hispanics, one fo whom won, or Gerry Ferraro, who failed to get nomination for Senate


Miss. trying to restrict abortions after the 16th week to hospitals, knowing none in the state does them after 16 weeks. Temp stopped by judge

Quayle’s Nat Guard unit gave slots to some while taking away others, though US policy was supposed to be 1st come 1st served. Indiana Nat Guard itself had long waiting lists, but the hq unit had vacancies. So, yes there were vacancies, but also waiting lists that Quayle didn’t get on but you needed connections even to know about them. The new 1st come, 1st served policy was to stop discrimination like this – 1969 1.26% guardsmen were black

Gen. Schwarzkopf’s autobio says White House hawks pressed him to start land offensive in Iraq before he was ready or dipl efforts exhausted. Says King Fahd wanted the captured Saudi town of Khafji destroyed but he talked him out of it. Says Israel gave them a list of targets to destroy. Says Colin Powell wanted to start on a given day regardless of the weather, thus possibly killing Americans

A VP of Hungary’s ruling Hung. Demo Forum says gov being sabotaged by Jews, libs, W. financiers, press & “genetic reasons for deterioration” – meaning gypsies

45 at White House staff get >$100,000/yr

Former Philadelphia mayor Wilson Goode says police planned to kill him during the 1985 confrontation w/MOVE

Iraq evidently just executed 25 for black mkt currency transactions, & admits 42 merchants executed July

UC allows a scholarship for poor whites only


Senate 62-38 fails to override veto of motor-voter

Bush tells UN he wants expanded role for UN peacekeeping, but won’t offer troops, money, or the $733m in arrears

Nixon’s Defense Secs Laird & Schlesinger say admin knew 1973 that POWs still in VN & Laos, viz 23 airmen in Laos. Contact by letters, radio, eyewitness. Nixon knew. Kissinger today says no he didn’t know & he wasn’t’ being allowed to bomb them into submission anyway. Nixon wanted to “get VN out of the way” (his words 2 days before he said all POWs home)

Br will not send Maastricht to Parl this yr


RI governor ordered Health Dept not to comply w/US ban on discussing abortion, & set aside a sum equal to Fed aid


Sen. overrides Bush veto of family leave, the 1st time Senate has done so

Richard Secord says Bush participated in meetings on Iran-Contra and pushed the initiative when it was dead

Rump-Yugoslavia expelled from UN

Orrin Hatch slipped an amend into budget banning FDA taking action against fraudulent health claims for vitamins & dietary supplements

Russia selling 2 or 3 diesel subs to Iran

Typical Israeli school day under 4 hrs. Arabs get ½ the per pupil. State-run relig schools get 30% of budget for 19% of students

Bush offers $20b tax break to small comps. Last week, $500m to promote family leave. And the 1% tax cut. All told, tax breaks promised: $165b over 5 yrs, not counting tax credits for insurance ($20b or so). Says it will be offset by the $132b spending cuts he has proposed since 1988 rejected by Congress. But only $72b cuts proposed by next yr, of which $38b are an accounting gimmick. And inc cuts he no longer favors (farmer price supports). And the same $132b is proposed to pay for tax cuts, reduce deficit, finance rebuilding air bases, etc
-Calls for cap on mandatory spending exc Soc Sec. But most of the growth is in Medicare & Medicaid & Bush hasn’t proposed anything to lower med costs, so presumably they’ll just be screwed.
-Speaking of bullshit figures, the 128 Clinton taxes & fees inc 20+ on alcohol, 7 on tobacco, repetitions of temp fees, 25¢ increases on renewing drivers’ licenses & obscure inspection fees for septic tanks & crushed stone, etc

Admin admits pressuring Fed chair Greenspan last yr, before he was renominated, to create 3% growth this yr

Gen. Schwarzkopf says Clinton & Perot sounded him out as VP

House bill tightens sanctions on Cuba, banning foreign subsidiaries of US firms

Quayle can’t provide basis for figure that litigation costs $300b/yr

Ger charges former E Ger Secret Service head for... treason


Pentagon report accuses Navy admirals of sabotaging investigation of assaults on 26 ♀ inc 14 officers at a convention (Tailhook). 2 admirals forced to retire. One adm compared female Navy pilots to “go-go dancers, topless dancers or hookers.”

One reason for the recent currency disaster is that currency trading is up 50% over 3 yrs, to $1t+/day, while cent. bank stockpiles to protect levels haven’t gone up as much, only $1t.

Sen. 56-38 failed to reduce deductibility of advertising for tobacco from 100 to 80%

Another Nixon Defense Sec, Elliot Richardson, said POWs remained in Laos

KY Sup Court 4-3 struck down anti-sodomy law

Bush vetoes overturning of gag law on clinics on abortion

Bush accepts nuclear ltd test ban to save on $8b supercollider in electorally-marginal Texas

Gov. Wilson signs protection for gays from job discrim. 7th state, w/Wisc, Mich, Hawaii, Conn, VT, NJ

Congress votes to force DC to hold referendum on death penalty.
-And deletes financing for DC law allowing unmarried partners to get health insurance (city workers)

Howard Teicher, an ex-aide to NSC, says he told Bush Spr86 about arms-for-hostage deal w/Iran.
-Newsweek has Israeli reports which say same.

A Fla. court gives a 12-yr old a divorce from his mother, who repeatedly gave him up, effectively abandoning, so he can now be adopted by his foster parents


DeKlerk releases 150 prisoners, inc 1 who set a bomb, 2 landmines. Const negotiations resume
-And an Afrikaner who killed 8 blacks 1988
-Inkhata pulls out of all talks because “cultural weapons” now banned & hostels fenced off

Labour Exec rejects referendum on Eur & Bryan Gould resigns the Shadow Cabinet

Quayle’s other anti-lawyer figure is 18m new civil suits/yr. That inc divorce & wills & small claims


Fewer people are on priv payrolls than when Bush took office, total up 1% over 4 yrs (Carter 11.2%, RR 1 6.3%, RR 2 9.8%). At Convention, Bush said if Congress passed his plan Jan92, ½m more would have jobs – this referred to a line in his budget which promised them in 4 yrs, not 7 mos. Bush says Clinton would kill 2.6m jobs, but that inc 1m from military – his own plans would cut 900,000 in military

Perot, threatening to reenter race, had a bidding war today, which he calls a true town hall meeting, although it was held behind closed doors

Bush to open millions of acres of nat parks for strip mining unless gov buys back mineral rights. The potential coal is worth $11m, but rights will cost 100s of millions

Prez of Ark AFL-CIO 1990 said Clinton would pat you on the back & piss on your leg

Inkatha breaks off relations w/SA. Buthelezi calls for ignoring the ban on cult. weapons

Gorbachev refuses to testify before court on legality of Yeltsin’s ban on CP

Sup Court (sometime) ruled a black victim of LAPD choke hold couldn’t sue against its further use because he couldn’t prove he would be choked again – this would mean no one would have standing.


Bush again vetoes curbs on trade w/China

Ger cancels a celebration of 50 yrs since the V-2. It was a response to a Br statue for Bomber Harris, who planned Dresden bombing

Quayle on Perot: “If Ross P. runs, that’s good for us. If he doesn’t run, it’s good for us. That’s for you to figure out.”

1 yr since coup ousted Aristide in Haiti. Only 1 to recognize new gov: the Vatican

Iraq says will block UN relief for Kurds if Sec Council seizes frozen assets


Bush “challenges” Clinton to 4 debates, 2 in his format, 2 in ind commission’s, & to conflict w/World Series. Says Perot welcome. Quayle says he’d be at disadvantage against Gore because Q went to public school – then said he didn’t mean to insult pub. schools

Brazil Prez. Collor impeached. Crook, no question

1990 law on children’s tv called for ed. programs but vaguely enough that stations define as ed. “Leave it to Beaver,” The Jetsons, GI Joe

Quayle comes out against inherited wealth!

Bush drops Quayle Competitiveness Council plan to allow business to dump hazardous chemicals in town dumps just like reg garbage

Perot hired PI’s to investigate campaign volunteers

Kanemaru, head of largest Jap. party faction, convicted of taking $4m in illegal contribs from a mobster-linked trucking comp, fined $1,700

Perot describes, hell volunteers, ordering an employee to find a wife in 6 mos, as he was a womanizer. He did in 5½. It’s said he ordered people w/weak handshakes not be hired – they might be gay

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