Thursday, August 11, 2005

August 1992


Sup Court says gov can cont. to turn Haitians back w/out interviewing them pending hearings


Sanctions on Yugoslavia being breached by the Commiewealth


Serbia seems to have set up concentration camps.

Bush press release on “sniveling hypocritical Democrats” talks about Clinton spending taxpayer money to fend off bimbo eruptions. She forced to issue a non-apology apology & is forgiven – by Bush

Tunisia putting 300 Muslim fundamentalists on trial


1/3 of state legislators in US leaving seats. Normal is 20%. 10 states pay under $15,000/yr, 40 under $30,000

Bush evidently is a good liberal. # on food stamps has increased 37% under him, AFDC 25%, food stamp spending up 15%/yr (1% during RR’s 1st-term recession). Has stopped purges of disabled from Soc Sec, school spending at the 11% growth/yr Carter levels (RR 3%), Medicaid 25%, Head Start 32%. Much of this is of course from the recession.

George Will & Orange Cty Register say Bush should step aside, as does Richard Viguerie. National Review says Quayle should leave.

Senate 68 to 26 votes to ban nuke test 9 mos, perm 1996

US was thinking about an officer exchange & training program w/Iraqi military 1990

2/3 of surviving Japanese interned WW2 have been paid but orig estimates were wrong. Bush now wants to end payments before everyone gets theirs

Here’s what the world needs: a Hebrew edition of Mein Kampf. The publisher thinks 400 copies sufficient


Bush admin blocks Oregon’s attempt to add 50% more people to Medicaid while rationing ineffective or non-cost-effective procedures. Bush prefers rationing case-by-case through thousands of bureaucrats, insurers, employers, not a stated policy

FDA still doesn’t test milk for most antibiotics & drugs used in cows

Zaire thinking of becoming Congo again

NJ repeals ban on assault weapons. NRA money was behind Republican takeover


Iraq says it will prevent future inspections entering gov ministries


Rabin stops (temp) giving Occupied land to settlers

Bush, asked if he felt a moral obligation to stop killings in death camps in Bosnia (excuse me, “centers,” not “camps,” they insist), said, “Well, I feel a moral obligation to see that these camps are inspected. I feel a moral obligation to see, just on the evidence that we have.”

Russian troops in Estonia are down to 15-20,000, mostly because Estonia has been using visas to keep new ones out. Few have left Lithuania or Latvia. A firefight in Tallinn last month after Estonian troops grabbed back a navy vehicle depot. Russians control 5% of Estonian territory. Russian Foreign Minister says they’ll be out by 1994 *if* Baltics renounce claims on lands annexed to Russia 1940 (Estonia wants its 1920 border back), end demands for compensation, give Russian troops local status, & stop infringing rights of ethnic Russians


Fr & Br resisting Bush’s panicked call for UN authorization of force to deliver food & medicine to Bosnia.
-UN knew about the concentration camps months ago, but lost the report
-Officials say the prisoners are so skinny because they do not eat pork & fast during Ramadan (early April)
-Serb PM Panic says the actions of the Bosnian Serbs are obviously the responsibility of Bosnia


Wm Archer, head of family planning programs in Health & Human Services, criticizes 1965 Sup Court legalization of birth control, & thinks the pill is a bad idea

Lancet says W. pet food more nutritious than that given to refugees by relief workers

Serbs surrounding another Muslim town in Bosnia, Bihac on the Croatian border. Have cut off food & escape routes for 300,000, and ordering everyone in Bihac (70,000) to leave

At R. convention next week, will drop 4X balloons as D’s (250,000) & have larger but biodegradable confetti. Will order R’s not to give interviews during the bits of conv they want televised
-Bush has suggested “they” would dismantle veterans’ health
-Right-wing R’s (Gingrich, Wallop, Kemp, etc) want a tax cut

Slovak gov has renationalized the comp that prints all newspapers, intends to raise share in banks, & Maciar is suggesting Hungary is preparing to intervene


R. platform to call for ban on abortion even for rape or incest

Justice Dept says a special prosecutor not needed on Bush aid to Iraq

Br bans Ulster Defence Assoc

Br kicked out 60 Yug. refugees, sending them to countries they’d traveled through


Of 31 vetoes Bush has never vetoed something for costing too much

Workers’ compensation insurance system may collapse. Comps are streaming out of Maine, claiming they’re not allowed to raise rates enough; one remains, & it’s given the state a deadline. When costs increased 1980s, states began to decide rates, based on what the public could afford (so the comps’ flacks say). Or the comps are making an example of Maine pour encourager les autres

Mary Matalin, Bush’s deputy campaign manager, of the personal attacks, claimed (Fri.) that Bush really approved of her remarks & she said she had not apologized for it; she does not regret that it was perceived as slimy

Follow-up. A man who agreed to castration last yr & only probation for assault on a 13-yr old, never found a dr. to do it. So just sentenced to life

R’s must be obsessed w/raping 13-yr olds. 1st Quayle’s daughter. Now Bush says that 13-yr olds need parental permission to pierce their ears, so should for abortion. I’ve just realized R’s view 13-old having abortion w/the horror I have for them having babies. And to confirm, a 1988 interview of Quayle by his 11 to 13 yr old intellectual equals, in which he said a 12-yr old molested by her father should have the baby; told the reporter “you’re a very strong woman [sic] and a very strong person. With the right counseling and the right leadership and the right support, though this would be a traumatic experience you would never forget, I think you’d be very successful in life.” Also said if Marilyn raped she should bear the child.
-Bush says that what Quayle really meant, by standing by his child, is like you would if she’d done something terrible like stealing. Says same thing about if a grandchild told him they were gay

July fed courts ran out of money for lawyers for indigent defendants. Mandatory sentencing has meant less plea bargaining, appeals have doubled, seized assets (before trial) go to prosecution but not defense. (Justice opposes this). Funds are being shifted, but delays may require cases to be tossed out

Sen. passes family leave bill again, to embarrass Bush

A book says a now-dead disarmament ambassador said he arranged accommodations so Bush & Jennifer Fitzgerald could fuck in Geneva 1984.
-A reporter for CNN who asked Bush about it has been threatened w/not being allowed to work in White House

Premium fuel often is not, but EPA hasn’t made tests of octane levels since 1981, though Congress ordered it


2 gov lawyers who testified to Congress that RTC succumbed to pol pressure not to pursue certain cases, have been demoted


James Baker finally moves from State Dept to White House as chief of staff & campaign manager

UN Sec Council votes to allow “all necessary means” to get relief to Bosnia – same words as in Gulf War

R platform favors ban on gays in military, would make spread of AIDS a crime, says condoms & needle-exchanges do not prevent AIDS. Says party believes in Judeo-Christian tradition

SA Weekly Mail in May uncovered gov network of training bases & safe houses, but much blacked out. Talks of a cop recruiting informers against ANC, that 18+ members of a disbanded army death squad have been rehired by army. New Nation reports that top officials – inc Pik Botha, Magnus Malan, Justic Min Coetsee -- 1985 ordered assassination of 3 black leaders in UDF. PW Botha pulled a Reagan – “Can you know of something you did in 1985?”
-SA now proposing a gen amnesty for both sides, not conditioned on admissions of wrongdoing or cooperation w/investigations


Something called Abkhazia seceded from Georgia & they are not fighting

R. platform opposes DC statehood, calls for barrier along Mexican border, attacks pub broadcasting

Sup Court allows US to return Haitians to Haiti, intercepted at sea, pending appeal. 154 returnees just arrested


Pat Robertson says he has more delegates than when he ran 1988.
-Many moderate Congresscritters staying away from the far-right love fest. And Pete Wilson

Swiss refusing to surrender $10m of Iran-Contra money to US gov that is says Richard Second in effect embezzled, but never tried him for

Reports say Bush wanted to provoke confrontation w/Iraq over inspections this week. Bush says it’s not true and a breach of security. Having trouble getting other countries to agree, Arab as well as Eur

DCI Gates accused House Banking Cmte Chair Henry Gonzales of leaking top-secret intelligence on Iraqi procurement through Lavoro Bank. Gonzales didn’t mention the Sep89 memo, but hey if CIA knew so much way back then, why did prosecution take so long?

“That yellow raise of taxes
Is what screws the GOP.”

Buchanan calls Gore an environmental extremist, which to him is anyone in favor of shade

Sign at convention: “Reagan 96”. Actually they chanted “4 more yrs” while RR speaking. God knows who they want. RR sure didn’t!
-Button at conv: “Dan is right, Murphy’s a tramp”
-Tanya Tucker sang Nat Anthem tonight, criticized Quayle, being a single mother. Quayle’s handler says he only dislikes fictional single mothers.
-Latest attack on the Clintons is for attending different churches
-Bush said he would fire anyone who brought sleaze into campaign. Treasurer Catalina Villapando calls Clinton a “skirt-chaser.” Mossbacher says Clinton’s marital background should be an issue. Both apologized & are still in jobs – so far


150 Chinese migrants accidentally wound up in Haiti

UN inspectors failed to push the issue in Iraq to a confrontation, abandoning US plan to demand access to sensitive sites. US claims Iraq thinking about attacking Shiites, & thinking about ordering a no fly zone, essentially splitting the country. Bush’s son says NYT made up the story about US provoking a confrontation

Osaka High Court rules that PM’s visit to a shrine violated const separation church/state. But Cabinet (15 or 20) marks anniversary of end WW2 at a Shinto shrine.

Republican Convention: can’t wait for Pat Robertson’s speech. He wrote a book that Gulf War part of a diabolical plot to destroy America. The New World Order of the Antichrist.
-R’s are the tolerant ones, unlike the D’s who wouldn’t let anti-abortion Gov of Penn speak, they say. But there have already been 2 full words in favor of abortion here. R’s have screwed pro-choicers from hotel space, & screened out their signs. And while choicers tried to get 6 delegations to call for a debate, alleged-pro-choice Govs. Kean of NJ, Wilson of CA persuaded their states not to so call.
-Wm Weld says D’s are like the definition of a baby: a big appetite at one end & no sense of responsibility at the other.
-Bush 1987: “I don’t know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation, under God.”
-The Southern Belles for Safer Sex handed out condoms. Richard Deaver took 2.
-R platform: “Dope is no longer trendy.”
-Platform: “Elements w/in the media, the entertainment industry, academia & the Demo. party are waging a guerilla war against American values.”
-Phil Gramm’s keynote speech says if Carter were re-elected 1980 or Mondale or Dukakis elected, the Berlin Wall would still be standing. “In any hut in any village on the planet, one world leader is honored and loved above all others. Spoken in a thousand dialects his name is still George Bush.” “Even in a world where the lion & the lamb are about to lie down together... USA must always be the lion.”
-Dan Lungren says Willie Horton is a symbol of what’s wrong w/the D. Party
-Quayle will be seconded by a single mother
-RR said D’s don’t understand principles stated by Lincoln, then gave a quote that Lincoln never said. He did his own research.
-And Buchanan gave a story about young troops in LA riots protecting an old age home w/only moral force and M-16s, but actually troops didn’t show up until things were quiet. The home was protected by elderly residents.
-Today was diversity day. There were too few current blacks in gov, so they found old ones. And so few black delegates that networks followed them around for reactions on riot talk. Party for final night at an all-white Club Lloyd Bentsen resigned from 1988

Georgia has conquered Abkhazia


R Chair Richard Bond says D’s “are not America”
-Bush promises a cabinet reshuffle

Croatia is grabbing Bosnian male refugees & forcing them into units fighting Serbs, some for the Croatian canton of Bosnia. Bosnia wants return of “draft evaders” & that was part of last mo’s military agreement Croatia/Bosnia

Pat Robertson makes it explicit that it’s Barbara Bush everyone wants to reelect

R’s 59% male delegates (51 D), 91% white v. 69, 4% black v. 17, 4% Hispanic v. 7, 12% lawyers v. 7. They moved women up front on floor
-Popular t-shirt: “Blame the media”
-Today is lady’s night, like the D’s had, but they had candidates & R’s have wives
-Marilyn Quayle is Lily Tomlin playing Nurse Ratchett
-Buchanan described D conv as “a giant masquerade ball... where 20,000 rads and libs came dressed up as moderates and centrists in the greatest single exhibition of cross-dressing in American political history.”
-At D Conv, 110 openly gay delegates, at R 0 (2 alternates). The AIDS ribbon is invisible. A woman w/AIDS acquired from husband, with very little real connection to the party (her father was big in it) gave a good AIDS speech, against intolerance. She used the quote about “1st the Nazis took the communists, etc” She came right after Pat Robertson
-Robertson says the Clintons “are talking about a radical plan to destroy the traditional family and transfer its functions to the Fed. Gov.” “He is running on a platform that calls for saving the spotted owl, but never once mentioned the name of God.”
-Marilyn Quayle said some Boomers did not join the counterculture, demonstrate, take drugs or dodge the draft. She is the un-Hillary, a lawyer who gave it all up to produce children.

Lady Thatcher working on a $m job for Philip Morris

SA’s Gladstone Cmte investigating police response to Boipatong massacre inc Br criminologist who advocates importing SA sjambok whips for crowd control in Br & Commander Tom Laidlaw of the Met who used to police pickets of SA embassy, w/a 93% acquittal rate, some of those getting large sums in compensation for false arrest


Bosnia thinking about a plan for decentralization. Afraid that Br & Fr want it divided

Quayle says he wore the uniform for 6 yrs. “Joining the Nat. Guard was an honorable decision.”
-The film of Quayle’s life makes clear that he pursued Marilyn, where Clinton’s showed Hillary going after him. Not a single silver spoon in sight.
-Bush: “The US locked a tyrant [Hussein] in the prison of his own country.”
-Bush says he’ll veto any spending bill over his proposed budget. Claims he was 9 votes short of balanced-budget amend in the House. Calls for a check-off on tax forms for 10% of someone’s tax to go towards debt, w/spending to be cut by equal amount. He says it was a mistake to support taxes 1990, the wording he kept out of platform. Provisionally supports right-wing call for tax cuts, if matched to spending cuts. Will extend the regulation freeze 1 yr. “Our policies haven’t failed. They haven’t even been tried.” Much Congress-bashing.
-R’s are the strongest believers in communism, since they believe it couldn’t have fallen of its own weight.
-Arnold Schwarzenegger sitting next to Gerald Ford
-The writer of Bush’s speech last wrote a speech given August 8, 1974.
-Says if Congress passed his plan in January, 500,000 more people would have jobs.
-Never say Neil Bush on tv
-Bush has decided he’s Harry Truman 1948, running against Congress
-Bush asks who Amers. can trust, the candidate who raised taxes 1 time & regrets it, or the one who raised taxes & fees 128X & enjoyed it every time.
-“We must sue each other less, and care for each other more.”
-Marilyn Quayle thinks attacking Hillary Clinton’s legal positions is great because it’s taking women seriously
-R chair Rich Bond talked of Jane Fonda sleeping in the White House before a state dinner for Fidel Castro.
-R Youth Coalition, part of the party, organized disruption of a D news conf by Ron Brown. And a VA. delegation leader organized disruption of Nina Totenberg, who R’s hate for exposing Clarence Thomas, and for asking Bush about affair (which she didn’t)


Bush, so anxious to quote Truman, quoted Truman quoting FDR

Mormons admit to keeping secret files of dissidents, so that local church can “counsel” them against pub criticism


While in US, Rabin told AIPAC to take its orders in future from Israeli embassy. Incidentally, AIPAC keeps an enemies dossier

S Korea est relations w/China, breaking w/Taiwan

Fed judge refuses to let Resolution Trust Corp evict tenants from rent-controlled apts


Verwoerd’s grandson joins ANC


Gingrich talks of the Woody Allen plank and says Woody’s little problem “fits the Democratic party platform perfectly.”
-Buchanan blames LA rioting on pub schools from which God & 10 commandments expelled

A book by a Br soldier says in Falklands, Br shot surrendered Argentinians & pushed off cliff


A 16-yr old robs a bank & escapes on bicycle. Was caught in next state – for curfew violation

Of the 128 tax increases Bush accuses Clinton of, 1 was lengthening the dog-racing season (more days, more revenue, more tax). And ignores tax cuts.

Panic, president of Yugoslavia, aka figleaf, defaulted on an $8.4m loan in CA (+ taxes), 1991 was fined by FDA for misrepresented a drug as an AIDS treatment. In that firm, took $6m salary in a comp w/$5.8m profit. Was allowed by State Dept to keep citizenship

Bush says D’s left God out of their platform

Rabin cancels 11 expulsion orders (Rabin personally issued such orders as defense minister & hasn’t now repudiated the instrument). And the 11 are to be held 6 mos in admin detention w/out trial. Also to release 800 Palestinians if didn’t do much & had served most of time

Pat Robertson says an IOWA ERA is “a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.”

Eugene Debs: “I would not lead you into the Promised Land even if I could, for if someone could lead you in, they could lead you out again.”


Bush says that his job training plan, $2b or so, will cost nothing, or at least not raise taxes. Won’t say how Clinton wants what Bush calls a 1.5% payroll tax, which it only is for comps not spending that much on job training.

Weinberger notes indicate that Bush as at Jan86 meeting when Shultz & Weinberger objected to Iran-Contra. Bush said in 1987 he might have objected to it if he’d heard them object. A phone conversation S & W after that interview has W saying that Bush was on the other side of the debate

Dan Quayle finds it “inconsistent” that Clinton supports death penalty but has said Cuomo would make a good justice. NYT says Quayle fails to understand difference between politicians and judges in their decision-making. Warren Burger disliked capital punishment but found it const.


Israel proposes Palestinian semi-autonomy, implemented over 5 yrs. Under Camp David

Orrin Hatch defended BCCI in Senate 1990, after asking it to give $10m to a friend & contributor. His aide 1898 helped BCCI prepare counterattack on another Senator’s inquiry (Kerry?) Pushed FBI to publicly defend a lenient plea deal. Hatch’s efforts for BCCI 1989-90, at time BCCI using pol inf worldwide to stave off law enforcement after Oct88 indictment for money-laundering.

Israel admits UN 242 applies land-for-peace to Golan Heights. So might give up some land but not the heights themselves

Pat Robertson’s Christian Coalition was 300 of the 3,210 R. delegates. And maybe 1/3 of platform cmte. Since 1988, they’ve been infiltrating at bottom levels, by the old Trotskyite methods

Ukraine prez orders expulsion of any foreigner who attacks him or his gov

N Ireland sectarian violence hits 3,000 dead since Troubles began 1969.

Gypsies (Roma) set up a pan-Eur parl. Discrim & violence against gypsies increasing everywhere


Iran-Contra trial of CIA’s Clair George a mistrial

Acting Sec State Eagleburger says there’s nothing to do in Bosnia between doing nothing and Vietnam. Says he sees no solution. The State Dept official on the Yugoslav desk resigns in protest, says risks are being overblown & we should arm Bosnians & use air strikes on Serbs. And that State never tried to find out about concentration camps as the Genocide Convention would then have forced us to act. Incidentally, there are still 130,000 Soviet troops in the Baltics, hint hint. Eagleburger has been a director of Yugo in US & Yug’s 2nd-largest bank

US has imposed an air “no fly” zone in Iraqi Shiite areas. Clinton supports. Covering 1/4. Bush says this is under UN resolutions requiring Iraq to insure basic human rights. And we still like the Iraqi people & don’t intend to partition

FCC no longer considers anti-abortion ads w/dead fetuses as indecent

In LA riot trials of 3 blacks who beat a white truck driver, LA District Atty Ira Reinger removed the only black judge, allegedly because of case load, but now admits because of “judicial temperament” & that he routinely challenges the judge to keep him off cases (each side has 1 challenge).

SA forced retirement of 1/3 of police generals, a position to which blacks will now be allowed. Seniority has been given blacks & some will be trained into higher position. This follows Boipatong, a pathologist opening files on 200+ prisoners killed by police, and 2 cases of mass murder dismissed after police mishandled evidence & forced confessions

Quayle: “We envision man as the harvester, working with the Earth to raise up homes and cities, respecting nature but shaping it to legitimate ends. They view man more as an uninvited guest here on Earth, settling down and consuming resources to which he has no right.”
-Bush criticizes Clinton’s wanting to raise fuel efficiency standards as costing jobs

Boston Globe says Bush campaign knows claim that Clinton raised taxes 128X is wrong but “it works.” Clinton says taxes + fees = 59, while Bush’s is 327. Marlin Fitzwater says Clinton’s “regard for honesty and veracity is so low that he has no business calling anyone else a liar.” The taxpayers are paying this man’s salary

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