Sunday, February 13, 2005

September 1986


SA banned mass funerals but didn’t say whether it would stop killing more than 1 at a time

Amn Int: Chile is using new system of terror of groups which kidnap

Benazir Bhutto’s attempts to overthrow Pakistan’s gov were premature

RR’s 1st prez to refuse to even negotiate a comprehensive test ban


China’s one-kid policy is producing a generation of spoiled brats

Br told Frontline states not to expect aid if SA retaliated against sanctions

Moscow cutting oil exports to West to bring into line w/OPEC’s price stabiliz. USSR will petition for observer status at GATT (US objects). Interested in joint ventures

Portugal opposes sanctions

CIA, according to Jesse Helms, says >½ leaders of ANC are communists

A rent boycott in SA is up to 300,000 households

“The double standard of morality will survive in the world so long as a woman whose husband has been lured away is favored with the sympathetic tears of other women and a man whose wife has made off is laughed at by other men.” H L Mencken

A sweeping divestment bill passed Calif.


US w/holding funds to UN Fund for Population Activities because of China--$25m


RR extended for 1 yr his ltd sanctions against SA--to hold off House and Senate

Japan warning SA on sanctions--NYT says it is largest trading partner after US--where is Br?


Justice Dept has a little plan--fixed penalties for juveniles. De-emphasize (eliminate) role of psychologists & soc workers

Bolivian state of siege against protests against austerity

In a speech, Botha has called for internat recog of the bantustans, which are larger & generally more wonderful than many other countries

Ca. ends mandatory unitary tax

Venda is amending its const to permit only one pol party & to allow prez to act w/out consulting his gov

S Korean gov reaction to demand for dir elections to prez: remove all power to a PM elected by Nat Ass, which is elected by a skewed representative

Of the DoD employees who go into priv industry, 1/5 work on projects they worked on in military


The recidivism rate of CA prisons 76%

Ariel Sharon said a killing of 20 Jews in Istanbul a result of Peres’ peace moves. Had to apologize

Some people tried to kill Pinochet & boy is he pissed. How can you miss w/rockets, grenades & sub-machine guns?

Japan to participate in SDI

SA executed 3 ANCers, oddly enough, 2 of them for killing other ANCer.
RR admin considered intervention inappropriate

Chile arrested students, priests, opposition leaders. Suspended Reuters, closed mags, and all that good stuff

The Non-Aligned Summit condemned US by name 54 times, USSR not once, even in section on Afghanistan. Strongly opposed bombing of Libya, but Qadafi claims mvmt is under control of US, etc etc

Soweto’s rent boycott = 2/3 of registered householders


Chile may have a plebiscite on anti-terrorist laws. Some people dragged from homes & killed after attack on Pinochet, who wants to become president-for-life

Amn Int : several hundred Tamils have disappeared in Sri Lanka after arrest

SA has shut down 20 black schools till end of yr

UN report 1980: women own less than 1% world’s prop


Cory Aquino trying to tighten her gov--Defense Min Enrile has been bitching about talks w/communists

US Senate’s weak sanctions on SA may override the CA disinvestment & all state & local


Pat Robertson has sent $7m to Contras

Poland to release all pol prisoners

Pinochet celebrated 13th anniversary of his coup by denouncing his enemies’ violence. Isn’t politics ironical as heck?


Cath Church US urging local Cath disinvestment SA

US w/holding of $ to UN may soon cripple it--we don’t’ want a lower assessment, but cost-cutting & more power

Jap. Lib Dem Party extended Nakasone’s term 1 yr, but didn’t give him a 3rd term

House voted use of military in drugs & death penalty for some drug crimes, allow use of illegally obtained evidence (on “good faith:)

Caths who abort are automatically excommunicated--not murderers

House approved Sen. sanctions on SA--cut airlinks, end new invest.


ACLU says urinalysis shouldn’t even be used on pilots exc w/reasonable suspicion. Better would be a brief neurological exam to test impairment

House passed a ban on use of polygraphs by priv employers

Ch. giving Nicaragua $20m aid


SA has found platinum, doubling its previous known reserves

Economist thinks assassination attempt on Pinochet has strengthened him chiefly I think by splitting opposition & cutting off moderate opposition from military. Is this right? Or does the repression since make opposition more likely to unite. Either way, we can probably think that ‘89 is soonest to oust him

New GATT round soon. This is important. US pressing for services (now ¼ or so of internat trade) to be inc. But 3rd World seems to oppose whole GATT proceedings. And RR didn’t help by lecturing Brazilian prez last week

RR exec order mandatory tests for maybe 1m fed employees
-Yesterday he & Nancy made a speech for a crusade for intolerance
-Includes testing applicants
-Inc non-sensitive employees if suspicious behaviour


From Montesquieu, Persian Letter 78: “Presumably the French... put a few madness inside a building so as to give the impression that the ones outside are sane.”


Coke will pull out of SA

Cory Aquino in US, treated like a 2nd-class leader. Admin minions publicly criticized her last week. Salvador Laurel talking about splitting off, possibly in conjunction w/Gen. Enrile

Pat Robertson didn’t announce for prez today. He wants petitions from 3m.

Nancy on drugs: “There is no moral middle ground. Indifference is not an option.”

>200,000 priv-owned handguns are stolen annually

“Most people go through life using up half their energy trying to protect a dignity they never had.” Raymond Chandler, The Long Goodbye

“We’re a big, rough, rich, wild people and crime is the price we pay for it, and organized crime is the price we pay for organization.” ibid


US evicted 25 Soviet UN workers

Meese says drugs come from illegal immigrants--wants to crack down

Letter to NYT suggests US buy Peru & Bolivia’s coca crop--at only about $700m

No racial strife in SA, says Botha, but between communists & democrats


Disclosed that SA has 13 “reorientation” camps. To turn ex-pol. prisoners into informants

E Ger to stop alien flow into W Ger

Fed Court: urine testing of fed employees illegal

Japan--additional SA sanctions--iron & steel banned & air travel


Recent terrorist bombings Fr led Br to offer the use of the SAS


SA training black police--in 3 weeks

UN wants to extend forces in Lebanon to the Israeli border


US-USSR signed treaty for virtually unltd troop inspections

Lib-SDP (Br) attempt at aligning their nuke policies collapsed as Lib party members refused, being more anti-nuclear than David Steel. CND is strong in Libs


RR vetoed bill for SA sanctions. The UN Gen Ass had asked him not to

SA Bureau for Info. will respond to reporters only by telex, not phone, i.e., can delay as long as it likes

Fr sent troops to Togo--attempted coup Tuesday--coming from Ghana?


Will Fr stop moves in direction of ind for New Caledonia under Chirac?

Larry Speakes said RR’s press confs have “outgrown their usefulness.” & defended tight control on info


Israel appointed 3 Arab mayors in W Bank--pro-Jordanians

Pat Robertson used his father’s pol inf to avoid combat duty in Korea

The House 313 to 83 overrode RR on SA sanctions. RR adding measures to head off Senate

Amnesty Int wants an ind inquiry on whether N Ire. use of lethal force is under orders


Eur socialist parties are working on an aligned policy towards NATO. Fr may be a problem for any anti-nuke platform

Unions = 18% work force

A black appointed ambassador to SA

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