Saturday, February 19, 2005

July 1989


With conflicting estimates of dead in China, forensics being done. The Ch. used special bullets w/hard cores in soft jackets, & shells from 14.5mm shells from heavy machine guns designed to pierce armor

The Kinsey Institute says there was no 1960s Sexual Revo, based on a 1970 survey, unreleased while they figured out whose name came 1st.

In CA, 15% can afford a median-priced home, lowest % ever. US as whole, 44%


I have heard that Prescott Bush, George’s brother, has millions invested in Shanghai. Thus George’s reaction in China?


Bush’s offer of visa extensions for Ch. students, as niggardly as I suspected, is being applied for by almost noone, 25 in SF, 2 LA. Chinese w/out visas or expiring w/in a yr are 18,000. Bush is only giving a yr. I still say they should go back when they feel safe, not before, esp given Bush expediency.

HUD subsidized a luxury country club & condo devt near Palm Springs. 1983 condos for low-income families cost $85,000. Desert Falls project kept going by HUD. Its rec facilities (large golf course, tennis courts, pools) only available for $15,000 fees + dues. Threatened an endangered lizard, so they designed habitats for them--the sand traps. HUD lost $136m when project defaulted.
-Many of the default might well be profitable, involving overinflated valuations
-Title X guaranteed laon program abolished. Many programs defaulted, failed to provide for poor, or even mostly for moderate-income. Supported 3 housing devts near Stringfellow Acid Pit in Riverside Cty, a hazardous waste site w/contaminated water

Jaruzelski won’t run for new office of prez, endorsing interior min, another general, Kiszczak

Bloodless military coup Sudan. I note the State Dept calls for an early return to democracy, which isn’t the same as restoration of the democratically elected gov. May end the n-s, Muslim-Christian war.

CA will hold prez primaries in March, not June

China now admitting 200 civilian deaths, 36 students

An era is over. Hugh Hefner married. Of course, Miss July is 26 & he’s 63.


1st private eye opened office Moscow

Eur Parl election: Fr Greens 10.6% of vote, 9 seats, Gers 8.4%, 8 seats

Judge Gissell said Ollie North too stupid to learn from a jail sentence, given probation, fined $150,000 (6 speeches). 1,200 hrs community service on drugs.

Corruption at HUD was indeed encouraged. When Congress refused to kill the moderate rehab. program, monitoring was ended.

US trains foreign anti-terrorist units, circumventing laws on covert action. July83 Delta Force members directed a Sudanese raid on rebels who had US & other hostages. Salvadorans, etc There is a 1974 law against military training foreign police forces. In a 1984 Venezuelan strike on hijackers, Delta supervised, flew in equipment. Less successfully, a Nov85 Egyptian team bungled in hijacking.

Greece will get a Conserv-CP “cleanup” gov short-term

Sudan’s new gov suggests a referendum on whether sharia law.

HUD over-charged up to $1b by priv developers & mortgage comps in 1 program, inc current ambassador to Switz.

Jap. PM Uno facing 10% approval ratings, Lib Dem Party lost Tokyo city elections. His sex life losing him the women. Socialists run by a woman, & use woman volunteers. Women get 17 seats of 128, unprecedented

Samuel Pierce over-rode staff to order approval of an apt project promoted by a former law firm colleague

Sup Court 5-4 allows relig symbols in gov displays

Sup Court rules in Webster case, on abortion. Allowed Missouri to ban abortion in pub hospitals, forbid pub employees assisting abortions in any way, require tests of viability at 20 weeks (when no fetuses are viable). Scalia, with Rehnquist & White, on record that Roe/Wade should be overturned. O’Connor who was one of the 5 (5th is Kennedy), says the decision does not “modify & narrow” Roe v Wade, thinks this is consistent w/past decisions. She will accept restrictions not “unduly burdensome,” whatever that means. No other justice agrees on the formula, but her vote is needed. Said she would allow 2nd trimester abortions being allowed only in hospitals (also an expense issue). She insists the viability tests be only ltd. Would not allow father veto abortion.
-Someone said the Court will undercut rights & later allow the remnant to fall. Will be coroner, not executioner.
-Roe v. Wade said viability was at 24 weeks. Still, only 1% of abortions after 20th week.
-Rehnquist, writing the op, does not find the ban on public-hospital abortions to prevent a ♀ using her chosen dr. because of his status w/hospitals, because it leaves her w/same choices as if state had chosen not to operate any pub. hospitals.
-Says viability should not be the start of state regulation.
-Blackman in dissent says the plurality is deceitful about leaving Roe undisturbed. “The plurality opinion is filled with winks, and nods, and knowing glances.”, gives no protection to abortion rights. “I fear for the future... I fear for the integrity of, and public esteem for, this court.” Says the logic of this decision, that states have right to reasonably further interests in life, can just as easily be at conception as 20 weeks’
-Scalia agrees with this analysis, says court should have courage of its convictions
-In next term, will consider 2 parental notification cases & an Ill. law regulating priv clinics. It requires pub hearing before licensing of clinics, severely controls layout.

Israel ordered shoot to kill of masked Arabs in Gaza, whatever they’re doing

Mexico: PRI lost its 1st election, for governor of Baja, to rightist PAN


USSR Sup Soviet fired incumbent head of RR, director of foreign trade

Janos Kadar d.

Shamir caved in to right, ltd election plan further: no ind. or autonomy, no elections E Jerusalem, more settlements, end of intifada 1st


In the famous George Bush-Dan Rather fight last yr, Bush’s responses were written for him on cue cards off-camera by Roger Ailes.

Gorbachev offers unilateral reduction in tactical nukes when NATO opens negotiations on them. Rejected by Bush, who wants convention reductions 1st

NY Court of Appeals 4-2 allows gay partner to be considered part of family for purposes of rent control


Kemp finally blamed Pierce, though just for incompetence

Austria (finally) to apply to join EEC, only Greens opposing. Stress perm neutrality

HUD’s new guidelines for areas needing subsidies for dilapidated rental housing inc Beverly Hills & Laguna Beech, excludes Whittier, Compton, Santa Ana, Anaheim. Skewed towards areas of high rent


Japanese agric minister helped lessen sexual tensions by saying a woman’s place is in the home & the socialist party chair is unfit to be PM because she is unmarried. He apologized

Liberia’s defense minister & others arrested for killing someone for purposes of necromancy.

Last week, a Palestinian deliberately crashes a bus, killing 14 Israelis. Israeli gov said the PLO approved it by saying they understood how someone might be provoked to take such a step. The Cabinet call for end to Jewish vigilante bands after the incident, says “The people in Israel have been exposed to provocations an challenges for a long time, and this exposure is leaving its mark.” Israel complains that US not using the term terrorism. Meanwhile, Kahane leads bands shouting “Death to the Arabs.”


Pakistan will rejoin the Commonwealth


13 Caribbean microstates, mostly Commonwealth, to move to econ integration. Seems to be response to challenge of 1992. Unify the 3 stock exchanges, customs cooperation & no trade barriers by 1991. Inc Jamaica, Trinidad/Tobago, Barbados, Guyana, Antigua, Grenada, Belize, Bahamas, Dominca, St Lucia & Vincent, Kitts-Nevis, Montserrat

Israel’s Labor Party made a feeble threat to leave the gov over the new conditions. Won’t, of course. US told them to stay in.

India said troops would remain in Sri Lanka until the Tamil rebellion over, whatever the gov wants

In Mexico, gov is “giving” the elections in Baja to right-wing PAN while denying Cárdenas in Michoacán, where PAN also agrees he won. “Selective democracy.”

Kemp estimates HUD waste & fraud at $2b. Says HUD really isn’t a swamp and is “open for business”. That’s been the problem, hasn’t it?

USSR publisher to print Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipeligo


A cocaine addict in Florida convicted of delivering drugs to minor, her unborn twins. Or rather, born, but the umbilical not severed.

Soviet Sup Soviet grills KGB chief, esp on use of informers, bugs. Said don’t use informers but “helpers” & only against organized crime & foreign spies. & that ordinary citizens’ phones not bugged. They laughed.

Largest announced strike in USSR, in Siberian mines. 100,000+. Interestingly, won support from the official Council of Trade Unions. Gov meeting demands for better maternity leave, more food, wtr clothing, housing improvements etc

Walesa said he would support Jaruzelski or any other prez candidate put forward by the CP, citing the “internal & international situation”


China bans sale of W. papers & mags in Beijing

On Br tv, RR explained that Ch. students went too far & too fast. When confronted w/his actions in 1960s, brought up the role of the CP on both sides “to keep the disturbances going.” And the US students “were trying to bring about...the things that the young people in China are now trying to get rid of.”


Ch. still arresting people, but policy now is not to publicize. One figure is 4,600 in Beijing alone. Ch. acknowledged 2,000 total. May be 10,000. One executed this week after gov used ABD footage of him; the crime was rumor-mongering.

Latest concern: paid appearances of products in movies. James Bond is smoking again, thanks to one. They ever ran the surgeon-general’s warning.


US willing (finally) to pay the families of the Iranian plane shot down last yr, $250,000 each, but the Iranian gov can’t handle it. Actually to each wage-earner & $100,000 for others.

Gorbachev sent a letter to the econ summit in Paris saying he wanted to be a part of managing the world economy, debt, etc. Bush said he would not be invited next year, until USSR became capitalist.

Conservs are trying to punish the Nat Endowment for the Arts by cutting budget 10% to punish it for gay & sacrilegious art

Bush admin plans to train Salvadoran police


Jaruzelski will indeed run for prez, w/Solidarity backing. Thanks, Walesa.

Ariel Sharon says his peace plan starts w/killing Arafat.


Bush trying to stop Senate passing law putting limits on contacts w/PLO. A Jesse Helms amend that prez must certify no terrorist activity--against US cities.

Sen. votes to prohibit US officials soliciting foreign countries for funds for which Congress cut off aid, 57-42.

Jaruzelski elected prez by Parl by a margin of 1 vote (270-233-34), w/no other candidates. Did Bush, while there, pressure Solidarity? Considering CP & allies control 300 seats, interesting. Not a secret vote, a tactic forced through by Solidarity to help J. 4 protesting Solidarity legislators could have turned it against him; 7 invalidated ballots, 11 stayed away


George Bush, who isn’t Jack Kennedy either, on 20th anniversary of moon landing, proposed “Space Station Freedom” on moon, mission to Mars. No proposed budget, time schedule, or internat cooperation

The ambassadors-designate to Oz & Sp are co-founders of a cult-like drug treatment program involving sleep deprivation, bread & water diet, group spanking, false imprisonment, kidnapping (essentially), coercing admissions through threat of commital, forcibly enrolling children not involved in drugs. Details, which are incredible, in Village Voice 7/18/89. Both contrib $100,000+

A SF Appeals Court says personal style, in this case Bette Midler’s, can be property subject to action


China warns HK that unless it stops supporting democracy mvmt, won’t be allowed to retain capitalism

Bush nominee for civil rights asst atty gen, black Wm Lucas, has no experience, sees no change as result of recent Sup Court decision, slipped jewelry past Customs, exaggerated gov service & concealed bar failures, & is surprised about opposition from civil rights leaders. Many “have never met me.” No kidding. Support has been w/drawn by Jesse Jackson, Rep Conyers

Ch. will have 30,000 fewer university students next yr, mostly out of Beijing no doubt

Gorbachev calls for purge of party at all levels

USSR says is cutting tank production 40%


Unlike HK, Portugal will allow all Port. passport holders in Macoa (which reverts 1999)--200,000, 20% of pop, to emigrate to Port. It does have some elected legislators, but no native judges or lawyers


Sen. votes to exclude illegal aliens from 1990 census. [see 8/2/89]

Best pol pun of the week, from the Economist. In article saying Trotsky’s grandson is a Zionist & settle on W Bank, said Trotsky must be making permanent revolutions in his grave.

Japanese Sen. election lost badly by Lib Dems. Uno resigns

HUD approved $16m for Denver after Joseph Coors wrote to Pierce


Lee Atwater on flag: “We don’t intend to make this a partisan issue. The only people who will make it a partisan issue are Democrats if they choose not to support an amendment.”

The House interviewed a Florida man so proud of being on RNC he used its letterhead when writing to HUD for funds (former state chair). Sees nothing wrong with this

Israeli Sup Court says those converted by Reform or Conserv rabbis must be registered as Jews. Orthodox still control all births, marriages & conversions


Sen. Appropriations Cmte votes 5-yr ban on NEA grants to 2 arts organizs that support exhibiting of Robert Mapplethorpe & Andres Serrano.

Exxon plans to stop clean-up in Alaska Sept. 15. Transportation Sec said this fine with him; interior sec & governor Alaska otherwise

Congress accuses high-ranking IRS officials of misconduct--questionable inquiries, taking favors, intervening in Justice investigations.

Gingrich, Mr. Ethics, took members of his Congressional staff off the payroll to work on his re-election campaign 1986 & 1988, then gave them large temp raises when they returned after election. This is against the rules. Gingrich defended himself by saying everyone does it.


The Stealth Bomber is finally in the air but v. expensive, w/incredible amounts of fraud by Northrop. So Congress voting to fund only 4 planes & pending tests. House voted to cut SDI to $3.1b from $4.9b 248-175. House halved MX

Walesa & Solidarity will form a shadow cabinet.

Shamir said he met no PLO supporters. Today, a Palestinian lawyer said Shamir lied, met him

ABC used a simulation of a news event (a spy passing info, black & white to simulate FBI footage, crosshairs & a small clock). CBS & NBC will; CNN guidelines prohibit.

Sen. votes to bar NEA supporting “obscene or indecent” work inc S & M homoeroticism, explicit sex or denigrating objects or beliefs of religion or non-religion.

Wm Safire thinks that the $10m solicited from Sultan of Brunei by Ollie North for the Contras, that was put in the wrong Swiss account, went to Swiss financier Bruce Rappaport, a man close to Meese & Robert Wallach (now on trial). Wallach was hired by Rappaport to get RR admin support for Iraqi pipeline, bribe Israel into not bombing it.

Creationists again attacking CA. textbooks. Got an amend to science ed. guidelines Texas requiring inclusion of “other valid scientific theories” w/evolution


Sw. sentenced the Palme assassin to life

PLO offers list of conditions under which it could participate in elections: 1) E Jerusalem votes, 2) freedom of speech, immunity from prosecution, 3) army withdrawn during voting, 4) Egyptian & American observers, 5) Israel agree in principle to give up territory. Shamir’s people say who cares what PLO says.


Israel kidnapped a Shiite cleric from Lebanon

Soviet Supreme Soviet approved plans of Lithuania & Estonia for mkt-oriented economies. Control over budgets, tax policies, pricing, financial mkts & foreign trade. Exempt from any fed econ laws interfering w/econ ind Moving towards agric & light industry, resembling Finland or Sw

Peru’s Garcia wants military trials for rebels

Greek parl to investigate Papendreaou on charges of phone-tapping rivals. Could be tried.

Greenpeace stopped a Navy test of Trident II in internat waters. Navy rammed them.

Ch. will ban children of senior officials engaging in business, nor access to food not available to public. Top leaders to use Ch. cars


If you could teach oatmeal to shake hands, you’d have George Bush.


Israel kidnapped a cleric, offered to release him & others @ Israeli POWs & all W. hostages. Response today: 1 US hostage hanged, others threatened.
-Israeli ambassador says terrorists should not feel safe anymore.
-An aide to Shamir says US criticizes this publicly & admires privately

Israeli Sup Court to allow challenges to army blowing up homes. During intifada, 230 homes destroyed, 102 sealed.

USSR will now allow importation of any books by banned authors. Banning is now over exc for porno & advocating of overthrow

Energy Sec urged Fed Nuclear Reg Commission stop Lilco’s Shoreham plant being decommissioned, by ordering a really long study of environ. impact of replacing its capacity w/gas or oil-fired plants

HUD shift of responsibility to priv sector increased its liability. While supervision declined. So Fed Housing Admin, Ginnie Mae face mounting losses, diminished reserves

An Israeli finally mentioned US’s kidnapping of another Hezbollah leader (plane forced down).

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