Sunday, February 13, 2005

July 1986


SA did arrest head of Congress of SA Trade Unions

Shalom has said his actions were approved higher up.


Chile, in a 2-day nat strike, clamped down on radio news. Arresting protest leaders. Sound familiar?


SA will try 780 of the detainees


Sup Court (5-4) limits protection of ads even if truthful & for legal products

William Colby, of all people, in favor of preserving SALT II for its intelligence agreements--non-concealment, non-interference

Mine strike at De Beers

Crossings between the Cypruses closed by Turkish Cyprus


Sup Court struck down Gramm-Rudman’s use of comptroller-gen

Marcos’ running-mate, w/Marcos permission (he says) attempted a coup, which failed miserably

Nakasone’s Libs won big--will he get a 2nd term?

All restrictions on Winnie Mandela lifted

World pop = 5b. today

Jordan closing Fatah officers


Polls say Buthelezi’s support is dropping among Zulus & negligible elsewhere. The June 29 rally in Soweto was only 15,000, some bused in from Natal. He may join the Nat Council. But, if not, he may be too autocratic to work under Mandela, et al

Mixed marriages in SA = 0.5%

Geoffrey Howe won’t meet ANC because that would be a “betrayal” of SA blacks

Israel may have illegally obtained material for cluster bombs in US. They haven’t been sold to Israel since 1982

A poll shows Alliance supporters in Br as evenly divided on supporting Tories or Labour if vote is split--would it split up in such a case? 21% would maybe vote Con w/out Thatcher--of these in gen., most support by far to Michael Heseltine


US holding up aid to Zimbabwe for being too anti-American

Gavin Relly: piecemeal reform is no longer enough. Must end state emergency, release pol prisoners


SA students must register & can be refused w/no stated reason & no appeal. Must carry id


Many black students (see above) stay away

Knesset voted against an inquiry into deaths of Palestinians (Likud + religious v. Labor)
-The police inquiry will be resumed

The Mexican PRI clearly stole the election in Chihuaha

The CIA will manage the Contra war--& this will add $400m in intelligence overflights. No one told Congress about any of this

Gorbachev extension of testing moratorium depends on US response to last Sov. initiative

Mitterrand won’t sign the degree for privatization of 65 comps

NZ will release the 2 Fr agents in Greenpeace bombing @ $7m compensation & end of (illegal) econ boycotts + apology. Will be kept on island of Hao, but as normal garrison officers. No objection from Greenpeace


Heavily armed anti-Sandinistas are patrolling the border from Alabama (Arizona?) & maybe going into Mexico after drug smuggling as, they say, a way of fighting Nicaragua

Studies show a steep rise in # of temp workers

The Meese pornography commission suggests citizen watch groups in a “nat assault” on porn--no doubt the phrasing shows the creation of violent tendencies by porn. The report even debates whether “uncommitted sexual activity” is a good thing or not. They also seem to define child porn as under 21

Chirac will increase Fr military spending but no neutron bomb

Malaysia w/drawing from Commonwealth Games to protest absence of sanctions. This from a racist state!

Some Chinese incursions into n.e. India

Points between the Cypresses reopened after 1 week

Pinochet plans to run again in 1898 (till 1997)


3 judges allowed SA state of emergency, exc bits. Some press freedom will be returned. Right to counsel upheld

QEII might have to pressure Thatcher for sanctions to preserve the Commonwealth

US using troops in Bolivia to transport troops against drugs

Argentina & Brazil working on a degree of econ integration


RR to Pakistan: don’t develop a-bomb or will lose US aid

Test ban negotiations to begin again, but US & USSR have v. different agendas


US/USSR agreement: Russia will honor czarist bonds

The DEA is kidnapping people in Guatemala (can’t operate outside US) & bringing them back here for trial. They can be treated however anyone likes before reaching US--1 was tortured in Mexico

Governor Duke supports divestment from SA. Election yr!

SA: rule against “subversive statement” changed by 3 judges


The UC system to divest from SA thanks, I think, to a change by Duke. This is the largest university disinvestment, larger than all previous

SA: a black given 1½ yrs for wearing an ANC t-shirt

Don Regan suggests that can’t have sanctions because women won’t give up their jewelry

Israel pressuring Arabs w/US passports


Admin withdrew Brown as nominee for ambassador to SA (a black-type person)

US troops were sent this week to Bolivia to help against drug traffickers were evidently not actually invited


Yet another Israeli Justice Minister quit over Shin Beth

Shimon Peres is in Morocco--Syria has broken off relations

Bettino Craxi will try another coalition. Christ. Dem. Andriotti couldn’t

Nakasone re-elected PM by lower house

The Economist proposes an interesting strategy against SA: threaten to release gov stockpiles of gold, thereby depressing the price


Libya also broke relations w/Morocco


Daniel Manion confirmed as fed. judge--tie broken by Bush


Turkey pressing EEC on membership issue, threatening it w/rising fundamentalism

Eur sanctions of SA would evidently mean leaving the field open to Japan

USSR to remove 6% of troops in Afghanistan

Economist suggests that sanctions would benefit neighbors like Swaziland & Mozambique which would transship goods to & from SA. This also gives lie to idea that sanctions hurt neighbors which use SA ports & could provide cover for sanctions-busting


Rehnquist’s nomination hearings today: he is accused of lying in his orig hearings (for associate Justice 1971) about intimidating black voters

A new agreement allows increased textile imports from SA

Uruguay may join the Argentine-Brazil union

Craxi will form the new gov

Rehnquist “can’t remember” whether he had an op on Brown v. Board Ed, when he clerked & researched on the issue
-Re black voters: he challenged in early 1960s blacks & Hispanics on Arizona at polling places. He denies. Did literacy challenges

Jesse Helms July 13 said ambassador to Chile should be fired for going to funeral of man burned to death by military

US ambassador to Zambia met ANC

Nicaragua is pursuing Costa Rica & Honduras through World Court--Honduras refuses to accept Court’s jurisdiction

The Jo’burg Star published names of 3,402 detained or missing


While US threatened Pakistan over developing bomb, we don’t like it when Russia does same

Bophuthatswana will not allow its citizens to be dual citizens w/SA. Inevitable survival measure, I suppose

Evidently, Turkey was up for EEC membership before the 1980 coup

Space shuttle will no longer have priv or foreign payloads--i.e, just military

Rehnquist denied knowing that property of his have contracts refusing sale to Jews or non-whites. Did he really sign a deed without reading it?

Contras are increasingly using mines

US vetoed UN Sec Council on Contras

Costa Rica amazingly will accept jurisdiction of World Court on Contras, unlike Honduras

Gorbachev wants decentraliz of economy--I suspect that means locals are to be held responsible more than have responsibility

US aiding Palestinians in W Bank through Jordan, my my

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