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August 1995


Westinghouse buys CBS, Disney buys ABC (Minnie Mouse + Roseanne = ?)

Over nuke tests, Australia bans a Fr comp bidding to supply jet fighters. Fr recalls ambassador.

Fr peace-keepers claim Bosnian gov is doing some of the sniping at its own civilians

Senate Ethics Cmte will not hold pub hearings on Packwood, will release the papers (eventually)

Clinton & Dole give welfare reform plans to Governors’ Conf. Clinton is ordering HHS to approve state welfare “experiments” that require work, limit time, require minor mothers to live at home, force child support, subsidize priv employers. Dole wants block grants w/no legal entitlement & no strings on the states, inc requirement that they spend anything

Before election, Gingrich said Susan Smith’s infanticide was the Dems’ fault. He hasn’t said anything about her having been abused as a child by man on exec cmte of Tenn. Repub Party & Christian Coalition

A 1923-6 KKK list for Nobbsville, Ind. shows up, but cty historical soc is keeping it secret, though no one on the list is still alive.

NATO extends air protection to all safe areas in Bosnia, not just Gorazde
-House 298-128 passes end to embargo that’s 2/3+ in each house


Sen. 52-48 rejects Boxer’s attempt to force pub hearings on Packwood
-After saying how complete the record is (and after winning the vote), they note that they overlooked 2 allegations of sexual misconduct (20 total now). Packwood also altered evidence & tried to get lobbyists to find a job for his ex-wife to reduce his alimony

Ch. expels 2 US Air Force officers caught spying. They were held all through a meeting w/Warren Christopher, who said nothing

Colombia’s defense minister resigns. As campaign manager last yr to now-President Samper, he solicited contribs from Cali Cartel. Says Samper ordered it @ plea bargaining


Speaker Newt’s book says one day drs will perform operations by modem in Bombay. Will be a great export. Pete Wilson no doubt would like it as allowing Mexicans to pick our crops & clear our houses by modem from Mexico.

House votes 215-206 to allow states to ban fed Medicaid funds being used for rape & incest abortions (there are laws or consts against this in 36 states but White House directive has overridden. 52 R’s & 40 D’s switched sides.

But House did not kill Title X family planning

Spending bill amends in House also to overturn Clinton’s exec order against using contractors who hire been perm. scabs for strikers

Oddly, OSHA will get an increase of $48.5m, while Clinton was only asking fora $34m cut. But would reduce 1/3 for investigations & enforcement & ban standards on ergonomic protections

Bosnian Serb General Mladic admits ordering the Bosnian Army commander at Zepa executed

R’s in Senate voted to spend $300m on missile defense that would violate ABM treaty. $34b down since 1984 on Star Wars

CA Sup Court says a biological father of a 4½-yr old could not reclaim kid from adoptive parents, but had to have come forward immediately – before it’s born; must show commitment as soon as know of pregnancy

Clinton exec order bars fed gov denying security clearances based on sexual orientation (as 8 agencies no longer do) or for having had psych. treatment. And will require greater financial disclosures by people w/clearances

House 305-117 votes to deregulate phone & cable comps & let either enter the other’s field, deregulate ownership limits, rates. Require new tv’s to inc V-chip. Senate already passed a similar bill 81-18. Clinton threatens to veto it as anti-consumer

Croatia in major offensive against Krajina, shelling hq Knin. US not objecting v. loudly

Phil Gramm (some time ago): “We’re the only nation in the world where all our poor people are fat.”

Age of consent is 12 Neth., Sp., Port., Malta, 14 in Slovenia, Iceland, Montenegro, Serbia, It., Albania & sometimes Ger


Croatia takes Knin.
-Karadzic tries to fire Gen. Mladic, who refuses to go.


18 generals say they will only take orders from Mladic. But Parl backs Karadzic. Generals, inc Mladic, have much closer relations to Belgrade
-Serbs fleeing Krajina


Senate 1930s passed resolution against “inhuman bombing of civilian populations.” State Dept said it violated internat law

Internat Herald Tribune will not fight the $678,000 libel judgment in Singapore. Wimps.

Of 6,588 accidental deaths on the job last yr, 6,067 were men. 1/3 of the female workers were victims of homicide. 20% of total were highway accidents, homicide 16%

Sen. 50-44 votes to let Fed health insurance for fed workers cover abortion only for rape, incest, mother in danger. House would only have latter. Voted 49-41 against doing it when dr. said it was medically necessary

NYT 8/7/45: “Where it landed had been the city of Hiroshima; what is there now has not yet been learned.” War Dept called it the Cosmic Bomb

Mar92 Clinton promised to reimburse gov for tax deductions he took for interest actually paid by Whitewater. It took him 22 mos to do so. Almost all the Clintons’ Whitewater investment was deducted as interest, much of which he wasn’t entitled to

Br Home Sec Michael Howard claims UK takes 160,000 refugees from Yugoslavia. Actually has given full status to 25, of 11,000 applicants


A band of bank robbers in Italy keep being arrested & then released because they have AIDS. 10 banks now

R’s want to limit nonprofits’ lobbying & meeting w/gov officials. House leg. passed would limit organizs getting any fed money to spend more than 5% of their total budget on all these activities, inc court cases

1994 Fr passed US as largest arms-dealer to 3rd World, tripling from 1993 to $11.4b. US declined from $15.4b to $6.1b. Fr now 45%, US 24%

Croatia admits responsibility for deaths of 3 UN peacekeepers & using Danish peacekeepers as human shields during attack on Krajina Serbs. Croatia assaulted 65 UN posts. A soldier arrested for the shield thing. But reports of shelling of Knin prove to have been over-stated. 120,000 Serbs flee

Justice joins suit against CT’s large institution for retarded, claiming Americans w/Disabilities Act requires de-institutionalization, since it’s supposed to mainstream disabled

Mumia Abu-Jamal’s execution is stayed

Ch. arrests a campaigner for war reparations from Japan. Ch. dropped such demands when est relations 1972

Clinton exec order for comps w/fed contracts to comply w/current disclosure laws on chemical emissions even if R’s gut them.

Rep. Thomas Bliley, echoing Jesse Helms late last yr, says Clinton would need “a good security detail” to go to NC, evidently because outraged smokers would get him

Sen. backs 1-yr moratorium on listing of endangered species

Serbs fired at Croats from w/in column of refugees from Krajina, provoking a firefight

NZ taking Fr to World Court over nuke tests. This is reactivating a 1973 case where an injunction was issued over atmospheric tests. Fr ignored it


Libya to buy uranium from Kazakhstan. Libya has no nuclear reactors.

Efraín Ríoss Montt is banned from running for prez of Guatemala (Nov95). His wife will run.

Clinton to let FDA dec nicotine an addictive drug

US says spy photos show mass grave in Srebrenica. The Muslim male pop. has not been seen since they were rounded up last month.

5m under control of criminal justice system, 3.5m of whom on probation or parole. There are 6m. college students


House quietly killed the 20 death penalty resource centers & their 190 lawyers. If there is a requirement to provide lawyers, this just means appointing more expensive priv lawyers

2, maybe 3 of Saddam Hussein’s daughters, & their high-ranking husbands, defected to Jordan w/many senior army officers. US says it will protect Jordan from retaliation

Clinton proposes to ban, by regs, cigarette sales through vending machines or anything other than by clerks checking ID. No sales of indiv cigs or small packs, advertising at sporting events or on t-shirts, ads w/in 1,000 ft of schools & playgrounds, limit ads in mags w/young readers to black & white text & no pictures, & make them spend $150m/yr on anti-smoking. Clinton plans to continue smoking the odd cigar, but he won’t inhale. He says cigars are not a problem w/kids (sometimes a cigar...)

Norma McCorvey of Roe v. Wade fame is baptized by Operation Rescue & no longer supports abortion

A witness comes forward & says Abu-Jamal did not short the cop. His lawyer only met the witness for first time today, but Judge Sabo insisting he go on stand at once

Fr will now back comprehensive nuclear test ban – when it is quite done. And wants no low-yield explosion (say 4 pounds) loophole like Br, Russia & Senate R’s want. Latter voted $50m for such tests for after the treaty is in effect

Serbia to stick Croatian Serb refugees in Kosovo.
-Red Cross says Croatian planes attacking refugees.
-Yeltsin threatens to lift sanctions on Yug. unilaterally


INS 1994 had 82,000 immigrants detained. Of 10 INS detention centers, 5 contracted out (one no longer after riots in NJ) & rented beds in cty jails. Ave length of detention 11 days 1976, 26 in 1994, but this inc Mexicans caught & held just a day or 2. Some have been held for yrs. They are considered civil detainees & have no right to lawyers or to be free of cruel & unusual punishment. Those caught at borders (inc airports) are defined as never having entered US, so have no basic rights, but evidently can be jailed here. This dates to RR 1981 policy to use detention to discourage Cuban & Haitian boat people. 1989 extended to all applicants for pol asylum entering through Texas. No longer a short-term measure against flight risks w/pending cases, now ideological. Anyone w/false papers are excluded from pol asylum cases at entry interviews at airports. “Criminal aliens” are mostly drug possession. For ex., a legal perm resident here since age 4 did time for heroin possession, suddenly yrs later ordered deported by ex post facto law (1988?). Those who object can spend yrs in detention – longer than orig. term – pending. INS custody is always indefinite. All “aggravated felons” – which is continuously widened, inc the heroin possession – must be detained & deported. INS profits on phone calls, say to lawyers, while paying $1/day. The Texas facility sexually molested female detainees. (Village Voice 8/8/95)

Another sexual complaint against Bob Packwood, a minor

FBI suspends 4 for the Randy Weaver shootings (his wife & dog) 1992. An official was suspended last yr for destroying documents. And FBI refused to turn files over to the US Atty prosecuting Weaver

Politicians troop to Ross Perot’s United We Stand America convention, inc all R candidates & Jesse Jackson & everyone else

Clinton will (finally) accept perm ban on all nuke testing (unless it’s really important for us to do it). He follows Fr in wanting no small-yield exemption. Russia wants tests of up to 10 tons. Note that Clinton ran away from chance to announce this on 50th anniversary Hiroshima

Serbs are expropriating homes from ethnic Croats & Hungarians, in Serbia, for refugees from Krajina
-Clinton vetoes (his 2nd veto) ending of arms embargo

More on Mumia Abu-Jamal: His request for a lineup was denied. His appointed lawyer didn’t interview some defense witnesses before the took the stand. And white jurors met & deliberated in absence of the 2 black. Judge Sabo threw a defense lawyer into jail for arguing too long & another fined $1,000 for returning evidence photos to the bench too slowly.

Pete Wilson sues himself (the state) to stop minority set-aside contracts


The son-in-law of Saddam Hussein who used to run nuclear program says in Jordan he will now work for Saddam’s overthrow

Japanese PM expresses regret for treatment of Br prisoners, then next day has to say that he did not apologize, which would imply compensation


Iraq admits having not disclosed all info about nuclear program – and conveniently blames one of the defectors

Serbia is not accepting refugees of male-fighting-age


For fiscal reasons, LA Cty disbands the prosecutors who investigated shootings by cops. There is no civilian review board

A sort of business civil rights group est. Transparency International, about corruption. Cleanest is NZ, then Denmark, Singapore, Finland. More corrupt Indonesia, Ch., Pakistan, Venezuela, Philippines, Brazil, India, Thailand, It.

Italy has a weak rape law, from 1936, and some not-so-weak rapes. A proposed bill would increase sentences & allow women not to press charges. Currently, rape defined as a crime against pub morality, not indivs

Tex. Governor James Ferguson 1917 vetoed a bill to teach foreign languages: “If English was good enough for Jesus...”

Dissident Scientologists put its secret scriptures on-line. Churchies spend thousands for them. One text is part of a fed case

Karadzic accepts that he can’t fire Gen. Mladic, who last week he said was certifiably crazy


Greenpeace protests Ch. nuke testing – in Tiananmen Sq. Arrested, of course. 8 foreign journalists made to write statements of self-criticism for attempting to cover it

Air Force will end chances of promotion for 7 officers involved in shooting 2 helicopters over Iraq, killing 26. Previously they were only reprimanded, & some had since been given awards & choice assignments

The Stalker Affair over. Stalker was the Manchester deputy chief constable who investigated 3 incidents Nov-Dec82 when RUC anti-terrorist unit shot 6 unarmed men to death, wounded another. Police accounts were lies, as one constable admitted on trial. When Stalked seemed actually to be doing his job, and demanded recording from an MI5 bug of one of the shooting sites, they went after him through friendship to a businessman, Kevin Taylor, who they bankrupted, but could not put in jail. He sued Man. police for malicious prosecution. Gov produced a Public Interest Immunity Certificate, so much abused in recent yrs, to keep truth of its shoot-to-kill policy & attacks on Stalker out of the public, and he had to settle for c.£1m in June (or July)

Labour is committed to only 3 bills: a Freedom of Info Act, devolution in Wales & Scotland


US to pay $3.1m to Randy Weaver & his daughters. This after failing to convict him for murder of a fed marshal. Incidentally, the summons they killed his wife, son & dog for not responding to was sent to him w/the wrong date

Colombian Prez Samper dec state of emergency to right crime through decree. Oddly, he was done quite a bit against the Cali Cartel, who definitely paid for his campaign, as his voice on tape indicates. The ex-defense minister who ran his campaign is arrested.

Bosnia prevents Rapid Reaction Force deploying to central Bosnia or flying its helicopters

Israel renews authority of secret services to torture in interrogations – after Atty Gen bans shaking


Virginia now requires parents to help teachers discipline their kids or face $500 fine. Most sign copy of school regs, or face a $50 fine.
-MD fines parents $100/day for truancy, Tenn. $50 for skipping I guess homework

Bermuda referendum on ind finds 74% against

Fed grand jury indicts Clinton’s business partners in Whitewater for fraud, conspiracy etc in getting fed-backed loans. That’s the McDougals & Gov. Tucker

Initiative 651 in Wash. state to allow casino gambling, financed by slot makers on behalf of 3 Ind tribes, to pay every one who votes, either way, c.$100/yr

Study finds weedkiller in drinking water in Mid-West exceeding fed safety standards. House recently voted to eliminate monitoring of drinking water & loans to purify such water

Ch. tests nuke. Even Fr objects


A mother had Norplant implanted in her 11-yr old daughter who had been repeatedly raped by her stepfather, and did not call the police. Both were arrested

UN to pull troops out of Gorazde “safe area,” to be defended in future by... air strikes. Coincidentally, a new US plan would have Bosnia give up Gorazde

Shannon Faulkner, who fought for admission to The Citadel for 2 yrs (was accepted on basis of application which omitted her gender), forced them to spend millions on lawyers, programs for women anywhere else, and a women’s room, quit after less than a week


US special envoy to ex-Yug. & 2 other State officials get killed in Bosnia, going off a road, down a hill, onto mines. That’s the entire brain trust behind Clinton’s Bosnia policy, which is a terrible thing to say about anybody.


To help the French capture Carlos the Jackal, CIA hired a terrorist who participated in 2 bombings that wounded Amers.

Zaire expelling Rwandan refugees into Rwanda

A retired Israeli general admits killing unarmed Egyptian prisoners 1956, actually sees nothing wrong w/it. He will not be tried. There is a 20-yr statute of limitations for all but Nazi war crimes. And a reporter says in 1967 he saw Egyptians forced to dig their own grave & shot. Rabin says everyone should shut up


Now Russia goes after the Spitting Image show w/tax & currency charges

S Korea releases the world’s longest-serving pol prison, Kim Sun Myung, after 43 yrs, 10 mos. The army executed his father & sister for his having joined NK army. Other NK sympathizers are released, but some are not
-NK seized a SK ship bringing it rice relief on charges of spying. NK had asked Japan for rice, but SK demanded Japan not give any unless it could too

D of Energy now says 16,000 were used in radiation experiments, inc retarded, mental patients, prisoners, children. Some given lethal doses

Regents pick as UC President a UCSD chancellor who once paid $250,000 to settle a lawsuit w/a woman he persuaded to have an abortion by pretending he would have another child w/her

Navy Sec intervenes to allow a helicopter commander who refused to go to Haiti because his relig beliefs opposed going into combat w/women (allowed from 1994 to fly combat missions) to remain on active duty, over-ruling review board

Slave labor in El Monte, CA. 72 Thais held in sweatshop, and INS didn’t bother to investigate, because the people who them weren’t citizens

The reason we don’t knew of Mumia Abu-Jamal’s gun was even the same caliber as the bullet was that the bullet was lost. But the ME’s measurement made it too large for Jamal’s gun. Also the trajectory didn’t accord w/the prosecution’s case. Judge Sabo this time has quashed 20 defense subpoenas

14% of women in Br jails are there for failure to pay television license


NY mayor Guiliani has been saying that school system needs to copy the Caths. And NY school board gets a new member, from Staten Island, a homophobe, who brings all the skills of a man in Guiness Book of World Records for singing 96 hrs in a bathtub, who promised Cath-school parents he would not let thugs from the pub schools hurt their babies

Trial in Kosovo, 64 ethnic Albanian ex-cops jailed for trying to separate Kosovo from Yug.

The Philadelphia police have been seriously lobbying for execution of Mumia. One cop videotaping demonstrators was told “You’re sweating like a nigger” by the capt. in charge of Conflict Prevention & Resolution Unit. He has lost that job.

Yeltsin allows the 1st gubernatorial election since he lost the Dec93 Parl election. The 1st, his home state of Sverdlovsk, where 2 yrs ago he dismissed the governor. That man easily beat the stooge he put in 2 yrs ago, 2 to 1, in the 1st electoral outing of Yeltsin’s new Our Home is Russia Party. The stooge complained that the election was imposed on him (like he was on the province!), the elections were “imposed and politicized.” Yes, that’s what an election is.

Iraq admits having had germ warfare program much further along than previously admitted, before the Gulf War. W/Scuds armed w/bio agents

Ger’s Const Court overturns Bavarian law requiring a crucifix in each classroom

Last week UN expanded use of bombing to protect Bosnian safe areas. Today, fails to respond to barrage of Sarajevo. Reason: it was a response to Bosnian attack on a Serb ammo factory. UN thus equating a military action w/mortar, shell & rocket attacks on civilians


Aide to Alaska Sen. Frank Murkowski threatened EPA budget if it adds to Superfund a plant dumping dioxin into fishing waters

Chicago Congresscritter Mel Reynolds convicted of sex w/a 16-yr old. He replaced anti-white, anti-Semite Gus Savage


WHO calls Zaire’s ebola outbreak over, 2/244 known dead

ABC as a corporation settles a lawsuit by Philip Morris by apologizing to it for reporting that tobacco comps spike their cigarettes w/extra nicotine. But this is a corporate decision, & ABC news stands by it

Ch. convicts Harry Wu, sentences him to 15 yrs, then expels him, making it possible for Hillary Clinton to go to UN Conf on women there. R’s have been criticizing her (though not George Bush, who is going there himself)

Soviet Georgia gets new Const, restoring post of President (since the coup that put Shevardnadze in, it has been Head of State, a sort of generic prez), max. 2 5-yr terms


Harry Wu says he’d be pissed if her going is part of a deal or I guess vice versa.
-Naturally, Ch. detaining dissidents in preparation for the Conf
-Hillary will not mention Ch’s human rights abuses while in Ch.
-Ch. has been shooting off missiles near Taiwan for days, by way of intimidation

Br to offer early release to IRA convicts, after serving ½ rather than 2/3 of sentence

After it invaded Kuwait, Iraq embarked on crash nuclear program, & loaded botulism & anthrax on 200 bombs & warheads

Wisc. Sup Court stops plan for Milwaukee to give vouchers to parochial school parents

Justice Dept changes method of questioning to determine number of rapes, by actually specifically asking about it, and the figure doubles to 310,000 rapes or attempteds 1992-3. This is its survey of 100,000 to find extend of unreported crime. And now 80% are by rapists known to the victim

Report says many women involved in Rwanda massacres

The head of Haiti’s Fraph para-military movement, who snuck into US before anyone noticed, is saying he shouldn’t be deported to Haiti because he’s running for president of Haiti as “the voice of the silent [silenced] majority.” Gee, then you’d think he’d want to be in Haiti


Croatian Prez Tudjman calls on Croats living abroad to return to re-populate Krajina. He says Serbs are also free to return, but army has been systematically burning down Serb houses


Dole campaign returns $1,000 from gay Log Cabin R’s. Claim they took it by mistake in June, but in May wrote the group asking for money. Evidently, courting the Christian Right has also made him stop attending the United Methodist Church

In last 7 yrs, % of women in all nat legs declined ¼. Highest in Scandinavia, Iceland, SA (above 25%). US ranks 43 of 106 (10.9%). Total 11.3%, was 15% 1988

Fed judge overrules the Wash state sexual-predator law, which kept people in jail after their sentences, allegedly for treatment

Gingrich wants mandatory death penalty for drug smugglers & mass executions – 27 or 30 or 35 at once. Explicitly, he’s referring to mules

In last yr, since Clinton gave up on health care, 1m have lost insurance. 43.3m

Ch. to ban demonstrations against Ch. gov during UN Women’s Conf. Other demos must be in designated areas, out of sight of Chinese

Episcopal Church to hold heresy charge of a bishop for ordaining a gay deacon. 2nd such charge of a bishop in 206 yrs. Said Communism had superseded Christianity

Regional governor of Vladivostok region Yevgeny Nazdratenko, while the city turns into Mafia center w/frequent car bombs, says democracy is bad. Yeltsin had to call of election for the job after Nazdratenko tripled signatures for candidates to disqualify all opponents & then turned off electricity for last 4 days of the registration drive during prime time tv hrs. The former mayor was thrown out after N’s associate the tax chief accused him of corruption. The tax chief has been arrested for fabricating the charges, but the mayor is not restored

Israel closes 3 PLO gov offices in Jerusalem

Clinton last mo. signed law requiring timber sales from pub lands, allegedly to prevent fires, but mostly in non-threatened areas

Mexican Zapatista rebels hold referendum of 1m. (they say), 60% saying they should become a legal party

Since no one noticed when Pete Wilson 1st announced he was running for president, he launches his campaign again, at the Statue of Liberty, which shows some gall

Speaking of which, NY will expel illegal immigrants, starting now w/86 Colombians. Unlike Florida, which commutes, NY will give early parole, before the normal min sentences, to drug dealers & drug users, mostly w/not coming back to NY a condition of parole. And unlike Fla., this was negotiated w/Colombia


Switz. orders its banks to return $½b from Marcos accounts to Philippines, w/Phil. courts deciding whether gov gets it or the 10,000 victims who won a class-action suit in US

60 NATO planes bomb Serb positions around Sarajevo. Bosnian gov says it won’t participate in peace talks until artillery around Sarajevo is destroyed. Peacekeepers are out of Gorazde, so no hostages. State Dept: “We don’t want the response to be commensurate, but we don’t want it to be disproportionate either.”

San Antonio State District judge in a divorce case orders mother to speak no Spanish at home, only English, to do otherwise is child abuse & he can remove the 5-yr old if she “doesn’t do good in school”, and it would relegate her to being a housemaid. He later apologized... to the profession of housekeeping. Like a Norman Lear pilot – Archie Bunker as a Texas judge – stifle in the court!

Australia is now an Asian country. High school students must study Ch, Korean, Japanese or Indonesian. This is one reason it is reacting so strongly to Fr nuclear tests 4,000 mi. away, in which the gov is following the people

Census Bureau says immigrants 8.7% of pop, 22.6m, of whom 4m illegal. 25% CA. Doubled since 1970 in %. Highest since 1940, but historic high was 1910, 14.7%

Ch. harassing UN women’s conf. Thousands or hundreds were denied visas. Police searching people & rooms

Sierra Club trying to block the new logging law, invoking NAFTA. The law exempts some logging in nat forests from environmental leg. NAFTA prohibits this because of fears Mexico’s lax environmental laws would give them unfair advantage

R’s actually increased by 29% an Ag Mkt promotion program which helped comps advertise abroad, inc McDonald’s & mink sellers
-And $6m for logging roads


Labour’s all-women shortlists to end after next election, says Blair, conveniently if undemocratically too late for deadline for resolutions for Oct. party conf. Only apply to ½ the few seats where a Labour MP retiring & ½ marginals not held by Labour – sure, give them the marginals

W/end of apartheid, Armscor never stopped acting as a covert agency, selling arms secretly to Yemen & Rwanda, hiding it from gov. They have now been reined in, will need permission. And no exports of landmines

Fr says its nuke tests will go ahead, on a date unspecified, whether there are protest boats in the area or not.


Voice of America, its funding cut, wants to get commercial sponsors for its entertainment programs & run commercials

50,000 law enforcement officers questioned on whether they attended the “Good Ol’ Boys’ Roundup,” a racist meeting. The questionees are not to be told the consequences of not answering.

Blue Cross in Ohio & perhaps elsewhere, disguised secret discounts given by hospitals, for which customers supposedly paying 20%.

Ark to execute a retarded man who fell asleep during the clemency hearing. The only evidence was a videotaped interrogation in which he seemed to be prompted by others

Sup Court 1972 said non-unanimous juries ok, down to 9-3. Only LA. & Oregon have them

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