Tuesday, October 18, 2005

December 1993


Mass. medical board fines a surgeon & anesthesiologist $10,000 for having a fistfight & wrestling on the floor while the patient slept on in the operating room

Ed Rollins’ other racist contrib to Whitman’s campaign was hiring the originator of the Willie Horton ads, from which she had to back down

Hong Kong to go ahead & lower voting age to 18, est single-seat constituencies, etc without Ch’s permission

A Texas cty turns down an Apple Computer office complex ($80m) because Apple gives health benefits to unwed partners, inc gay


Clinton wants ABM treaty amend to allow interception of battlefield missiles like Scuds

This yr 8 states made it easier to prosecute teenagers as adults

Br gov had to release messages over 10 mos w/IRA, inc an abortive ceasefire. Sinn Fein says talks more substantive than gov saying

1/3 of Clinton’s appointees still not made

Ch. says it will ignore HK electoral laws


The latest trend in persecution, thanks to Amnesty Int perhaps, if for fewer prisoners of conscience, more disappearances


Soviet Georgia 3 yrs ago hired a fledgling NY comp to erect a new internat phone system. To date, the system allows 6 calls simultaneously. Last yr they dropped the comp, which hired as lobbyists Caspar Weinberger, Harold Ickes, Richard Armitage. The CEO spent 2 mos in jail for $300,000 in forged checks 1974. Naturally, he is an associate of Alfonse d’Amato.

Speaking of revolving doors, Clinton’s alleged ethics rules don’t stop aides going into lobbying – as execs, not in the field

Indonesians getting military training in US, though Congress supposedly cut off this sort of thing 1992


Surgeon Gen suggest studying legalizing drugs. Shit storm ensues

US admits 204 previously secret nuclear tests 1963-90, some of which released radioactivity

Felix Houphouët-Boigny dies, aged 143

US to pay George Shultz $281,397 in legal fees while special prosecutor examined his role in Iran-Contra

Video game industry to start ratings system like movies


The former acting Army Sec, put on leave after shoplifting women’s clothing, hired as a consultant by Pentagon at $7,100/mo

SA’s Goldstone Commission of violence, KwaZulu police hit squad has assassinated at least 9 over last 2 yrs, inc ANC leaders

Philippines reintro death penalty, inc for stealing from gov

Br, after free vote, deregulates Sunday trading, more for small than large shops

Winnie Mandela, despite the kidnapping & check fraud, is returned as pres. of ANC Women’s League

Labour Party breaks off Parl cooperation on any leg w/gov. Will end pairing. This in response to gov guillotining through a 1% increase in NHS contribs & transferring responsibility for sick pay to employers

Yeltsin has campaigned for his const but failed to campaign for any person or party for parl, which should be a hint as to how important he expects it to be

Clinton admin weakly floating idea of licensing (as in standards) gun owners. How many gun deaths are accidental?


Justice Dept says all Miss. cty jails are unconstitutionally substandard. This doesn’t even count the high # of “suicides”

Denver police’s gang suspect list inc # of blacks = 2/3 of those 12-24. Blacks are ½ list, 5% pop. Could be dangerous in court, one suburb having stiffer sentences for gang-related crime

Fed opposes Clinton plan to make banks make loans, open branches in minority areas.


Canada’s Sup Court ruling that customs can seize books degrading or exploiting ♀ (or animals or corpses). Trent University tried to import Marguerite Duras’s The Man Sitting in the Corridor. It took the press to get them back. And of course gay porn esp targeted

Israel & PLO miss deadline for troop pullout, stalled on boundaries of Jericho, who controls border crossings


Wisc law says by 1999 will leave Fed welfare program


The Crime Bill, besides expanding fed death penalty to 52, would allow secret trials & evidence to deport aliens, even legal residents, w/out right to know the charge or evidence if court so decides. There was no hearing. 52-41 Sen. defeated ban on executing those under 18. Hate crimes can be punished by at least 1/3 more – 95-4, inc Jesse Helms, Malcolm Wallop. In Wisc v. Mitchell, which allows increased penalties for hate crimes, Rehnquist said prosecutors can subpoena defendant, reading materials, ask what jokes he tells

If Clinton has done 1 thing right (and that’s my count), it’s in making info available. Released documents show US training of rich Salvadorans connected w/death squads – repeat, training of civilians, connected to d’Aubuisson. This was in 1990, when the embassador stopped it.

Speaking of, Argentina Pres. Menem promises release of Nazi files in 1991. But it still took pressure. They show over 1,000 war criminals & collaborators, inc Ante Pavelic, head of Croatian puppet state, and friends. US kept telling the gov where to find Martin Bormann, Josef Mengele (who after all was using his own name & petitioned Goethe University to restore his medical degree 1958. US asked he be arrested 1957, the order was issued.

Sup Court 5-4 says gov may not seize a house or real estate w/out notice. This was of a drug dealer, 3 yrs after sentence up, had his house seized while he was out of country. Gov, inc Clinton Admin, said forfeiture serves a “law enforcement purpose” as under 4th Amend – in other words, wanted to apply the standards to get warrants to seize evidence used for taking control & ownership of prop.

The owner of a failing Ark S&L loaned Clinton $50,000 to cover his personal campaign debts 3 mos. Before, he appointed as state regulator that S&L’s lawyer, who did nothing against it. The debt Clinton has was to a bank owned by a senior aide. The loan was unsecured, the Clintons owned no home & were in debt

GATT agreement, finally, to reduced tariffs ave 1/3, bring in accounting & farming, but not much for services. And Fr doesn’t have to take Amer. movies, which was the important bit at the end

Russian Parl elections Sunday, but still not fully counted, if that’s the right word. Early in the count, when (seemed?) that Y’s const passed, he said he wouldn’t run for reelection early. State tv stopped issuing election bulletins when results embarrassing. The winner and new bĂȘte noire, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, semi-Jewish anti-Semite, racist, nationalist. He wants Alaska back. And Poland and Finland. Would resume arms exports to clients like Ira. Still, he supported Y’s const. Of course, he plans to be president soon. Came in 3rd 1991. The Baltics are responding by trying to draw closer to NATO, and Ukraine thinking about keeping its nukes. Z. also wants to invite in SA farmers fleeing blacks. Wants to replace Jews as tv announcers, but his father was a Jew, which he won’t admit, and was director a 1989 Jewish cultural organiz set up by gov to counter Zionists, but he threw out communists. Weird

Incompetent Sec Defense Les Aspin resigns

US deliberately released radiation 1940s-50s to test it as weapon, while gov poo-pooing that from fallout from open-air tests

UK-Irish deal to talk about peace. Both acknowledge Ulster might stay or leave, depending on majority


Israel talking about putting 10,000 more police in W Bank & Gaza to replace its troops, if they’re even ever pulled out, since Israel isn’t that interested in meeting deadlines for it. But amazingly, they did put a curfew on Jewish settlers in Gaza, perhaps a 1st. By the way, there are (25,000?) settlers *between* W Bank & Gaza. Lotta cops. Israel’s idea is Palestinian police wouldn’t be allowed even to detain an Israeli they saw commit a crime or make one identify himself after a traffic accident


The Palestinians expelled to Lebanon are all back

LA Times announces that Clinton has given up on restoring Aristide to Haiti. Gov denies

Surgeon Gen. Jocelyn Elders, who wants study of legalizing drugs, her son arrested now for selling cocaine – known since last July, suggesting this is a pol-motivated arrest

1 day after Aspin resigned, Clinton named Bobby Inman, a Republican, retired admiral (2nd officer to be defense sec since 1947), head of NSA & depy director CIA
-Also hired an illegal alien as housekeeper

5 EC recognize Macedonia, finally, led by Ger

Chile elections return Eduardo Frei, son of the last Frei pres., for pres. Wants to eliminate Pinochet const


Yeltsin abolishes the neo-KGB for another neo version. Blames them for not predicting election results. One might ask if that’s really their job
-CP hasn’t decided which way to swing
-Y. says people didn’t really vote against him, but against poverty
-Y. finally decides to est his own party

Ch. to ban “inferior” births, prevent marriage of people w/hepatitis, VD, mental disease. Hepatitis is rampant

1948 study at Vanderbilt U. involved giving irradiated iron pills to pregnant ♀. 3 children known to have d. of cancer

4 Ark state troopers from Clinton’s security detail say they helped him w/his numerous affairs, deliver gifts from him, lie to Hillary. Clinton’s old chief of security Buddy Young (who I remember having to do w/the Contra airfield in Ark), now regional director of FEMA, and Clinton himself, called them to bribe or threaten. Hillary is point-man. Clinton denies offering jobs in exchange for silence (true, I’m sure he was much more subtle than that), but refuses to be other than vague on affair, reminiscent of his word-play on marijuana. CBS, NBC, ABC cancelled their interviews w/Hillary because she didn’t want to be asked, although the interviews long scheduled


Zhirinovsky has been making a tour of fascists in Eur, but Ger had debate on whether even to let him in and he gave up. Presumably intended to determine who gets how much of Poland


Yeltsin admits 1/3 army officers voted for far-right but “measures were already being taken.” Huh?

Pentagon outlines gay policy (indiv services to follow). Klinger still can’t get out by dressing in a dress. Those who say they are gay must demonstrate they do not have sex or intend to or... have a propensity to (who doesn’t?). Can’t be sole grounds for denying a clearance unless it is a security concern, like if they stay in the closet like the military wants them to

2nd Clinton scandal of the week, that a file removed from office of aide Vincent Foster after his suicide July, related to a Clinton investment, related to the failed S&L Clinton helped keep investigators from. The Clintons say it’s nothing; after all they lost $68,000. But after removing the file & denying its existence, keeping it off official inventories, etc, one wonders.

UN peacekeeping now 17 operations, 80,000 troops, $4.3b/yr, 4X budget for 3rd World devt.
-Article on Somalia Voice says Mar93 when US preparing to w/draw, factions raced to put together a coalition. UN supported Abshire but Aidid outmaneuvered him, (unreadable) a commander Yussuf. Jun93 Aidid arranged for Yusuf & himself to announce this on radio, so April Glaspie, special envoy, famed for giving Hussein the go-ahead to invade Kuwait, signed ok on search of Aidid’s radio station at that time. It leaked, and thus the ambush of Pakistani soldiers...
-The problem is that Somalia was never short of food per se. The problem was pol chaos, so the “humanitarian” mission was always a pol one


Betsey White, in Little Rock to get one of those state troopers to contradict himself and get out dirt on their priv lives, says she was not sent by Clinton, for whom she was chief of staff as governor, but at her own expense. Wright last yr was point man on Gennifer Flowers

Clinton Admin to require states to fund Medicaid abortions for rape, incest, save life


Clinton covers his right buttock by duck hunting, but he doesn’t inhale, trying to put credit for the 1 kill on the NRA Congressman he was with – who tried to blame it on him

Thanks to artificial fertilization, oldest woman gives birth, at 59, in Br, to twins


1946-56 mentally retarded teenagers fed radioactive cereal by Harvard, MIT, AEC & Quaker Oats.
-Energy Sec wants victims of such experiments to be compensated – 800 known so far

Zhirinovsky kicked out of Bulgaria after calling for replacement of pres., and banned from Ger

Head of KGB criticizes Yeltsin’s orders to “reform,” fire 30%. And remove its cabinet status in order to remove all Parl oversight


Russia not to cut military to 1.5m, but keep 2m. Worried about Zhirinovsky vote – inc 72% in the unit that controls the nukes, 87% in the unit that attacked parl

Clinton rules on Medicaid abortions say drs can over-ride state reporting requirements on rape & incest, certify patient unable to comply. Typical Clinton “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, requiring people to lie

Honduran military to open secret files on 1980s murders. Rights commission report blamed units trained by US & Argentina, Intelligence Battalion headed by the now-head of military. In the 1980s, they blamed lefties & death squads

Michel Rocard says will lead Socialist Party only if women given ½ candidacies for Eur Parl

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