Friday, April 15, 2005

June 1991


Ger culture minister fires director of Berliner Ensemble (for works of Brecht) for having been member of E Ger CP

Kuwait will have elections Oct92. Meantime, will resurrect Nat Council, in which no opposition

Ger SPD beats CDU in yet another state election, in Hamburg

Admin’s analysis of state of Iraq, which talks of health crisis & years of rebuilding, is classified. Now, 80% of power grid out, telecommunications wrecked, as are roads & bridges. Harvard U. study says will be tens of 1,000s more deaths war-related due to damage to health by yr’s end. Bush admin not even trying to calculate dead


Sup Court allows ban on aid to internat organizs for family planning

Sup Court 6-3 extends ban on racial exclusion of jurors to civil cases

Les Aspin, chair of Armed Services Cmte, added $375m for M-1 tanks that Pentagon hadn’t asked for, dates an exec of a steel comp w/$6m in contracts for M-1

Israel accepts King Hussein’s call for face-to-face contacts though Ariel Sharon says “The King has to be invited to Jerusalem for a cup of coffee to be told that he is not the King of Jordan anymore.”

Fewer strikes Br 1990 than since 1935

Panama’s Christ. Dems went into opposition. Balance of power held by a military party. In Jan91 by-elections, gov lost 6 of 9 races. Marc Cooper says Panama has huge #s of priv cops, many ex-PDF
-Bush orig. promised $1b. They’ve gotten about $100m
-Endera from 1970 was on board of Interbanco, which laundered Colombian drug money. Interbanco’s gen manager Tito Vega was personal financial adviser to Noriega & at center of money-laundering. Also on the 6-person board, Noriega’s interior & foreign ministers. With Panama’s overseas banking assets frozen by US, Endara’s comp Pronto Pago had the cash to turn in the scrip Noriega paying out for cash, at 75%. When money-laundering came out, Endara promised to resign Interbanco but didn’t. After a “new” group of investors bought & “rejuvenated” bank (inc his uncle), Vega kept on, though named by DEA. The Atty Gen refused to investigate Interbanco 8+ mos after DEA turned over evident, but did publicly vouch for its integrity. Endera is treasurer of 6 comps DEA accuses of laundering drug $, all owned by cocaine traffickers.
-Endara 1976 opened at least 4 shell comps for head of Chile’s military secret police
-Others involved in drugs are head of Sup Court, treasury minister, VP Ford
-Cooper asks, if ending Panamanian drug dealing was reason for invasion, why is only 1/3 of 1% of narcotic assistance funds going three. Suggests it is to destroy military so US can be “invited” to keep its bases & stay on

Albania’s CP gov resigns in face of strikers to make way for new elections

Soviet troops take over Vilnius streets several hrs, setting up road blocks, claiming to look for deserters.
-Prosecutor-Gen report exonerates military for the 10 deaths in storming tv stations Jan91


Despite a law encouraging involvement of minority comps in managing failed S&L assets, it hasn’t happened

2nd anniversary of Tiananmen Sq. Amn Int report says repression has increased, w/20 yr terms for speeches common
-Mao’s widow commits suicide

Justice Dept has told the NY City Bar to stop its “interference in the constitutional process of selecting and appointing Fed. judges.” This interference is evaluating candidates. Prospective Fed judges have been ordered not to cooperate w/NYC Bar

The report on Lithuania says people were actually killed by Lith. nationalists. Soviets were just shooting blanks. And crowd pushed people under tanks

Fr to sign nuclear non-proliferation treaty

Fed district judge tells INS to stop demanding huge fees, for safe haven status from Salvadorans & reconsider all requests for fee waivers

Kuwaiti collaboration trials resume, w/more cross-examination, but most evidence coming from a cop w/hearsay evidence from his secret “sources.”

Algerian gov dismissed, state of emergency, elections postponed after a couple of weeks of nasty fundamentalist rioting

FOIA request gets DOD to admit estimate of 100,000 Iraqis died, 300,000 wounded


Africa thinks it’s its turn for Sec-Gen of UN

Admin has been divided on whether to allow in aliens w/AIDS. Justice is against & its vast knowledge of pub health will overrule DHHS

Episcopal church makes an active lesbian a priest

Nicaraguan parl withdrawing demand that US pay compensationV for mining its harbors, as per World Court

Slovenia will be ind June 26 & issue money & passports. Already controls military forces, foreign trade, customs, sales tax

Hong Kong has passed some sort of Bill of Rights. China says it may overturn it after 1997, & any other laws it doesn’t like, & HK has quite enough rights.

House passed Civil Rights Act, but only by 273-158. AT last Bush’s bill also failed


A new book on Watergate suggests Al Haig had previous ties w/Woodward, & may have been Deep Throat

Village Voice & Senate Foreign Relations Cmte study says Bush admin told allies to refuse to help Kurds (Syria, Saudis who proposed joint US-Saudi aid & weren’t even answering. The Sen. report says several Iraqi military figures contacted the opposition but read the snub of Kurds as sign US would not support.
-Apr88, the month after Kurds gassed, a Kurdish leaders met w/asst sec state for human rights & Iraq desk officer & such. Iraq & Turkey protested & George Shultz banned contacts w/Kurds or Iraqi opposition
-Former asst secy commerce says Summer88 he recommended ban on exports to Iraq of materials to make chem & bio weapons & was rebuffed. 1985-9 RR Admin approved 18 export licenses for deadly toxins & bacteria.
-Aug90 Kurdish leader Talabani (he of para. 2 above) came to US but State & Bush Admin refused to meet. Nor again Feb91

Robert Gates overrode concerns of AgDept & others about such exports & loan guarantees ($5.5b 1983-90 for farm products — couldn’t have survived war without it) despite evidence of kickbacks & diversions to buy arms. Overrode Commerce on dual-use material
-Gates’ claim to ignorance of Iran-Contra inc that when told of it, “I was troubled by what Allen [CIA nat intel officer] told me and consonant with the way we responded to such stories in the past, my first reaction was to tell Mr. Allen that I didn’t want to hear any more about it. That I didn’t want to hear anything about funding for the contras.” [source: I-C hearings] But of course he did, several times, & got reports of NSA intercepts on inflated prices of Iranian arms sales, etc. Claims when Hasenfus shot down, he asked North about CIA involvement in priv funding of Contras. Why did no one ask Gates why he asked *North* that?

SA repeals Land Acts 1913 & Group Areas Act 1936

Israel claims it’s not resettling Ethiopian Jews on Occupied. But they did in 1984; when US protested, Israel said it would move them. It hasn’t.


Bush is “not ready for” the Episcopal lesbian priest

New CA state ed. code says “students should be taught to abstain from sexual intercourse until they are ready to establish a mutually monogamous, heterosexual relationship within the context of marriage.”

Pentagon is developing a $1.5b Stealth missile. Oh, good.

Leningrad referendum on the name. Gorby thinks Leningrad is fine.

Iraq may start offensive against Shiites, the people no one cares about & who are trapped & cut off from contact w/outside world. UN asked permission to visit — no response

KGB releases info Br won’t, indicating Br knew long in advance about Rudolf Hess’s flight there; KGB learned it from Philby

The idiot Soviet PM again claims W plot to deny USSR credit

Fed judge allows San Quentin to ban tv cameras from executions, but not all reporters, on security grounds

US & Japan to lead on banning supercomputer exports to 3rd World

Fed appeals court says lawyers must comply w/NY law requiring businesses to report on cash payments over $10,000


Kuwait has passed death sentence for a man who joined Iraqi militia & provided info. No witnesses of evidence. He is man of no nationality at all

1987 Labour got 1.3m voters Scotland & won 50 seats. In England between the Wash & Avon, excluding London, got 1.7m votes & 3 seats


Yeltsin, running for Russian president, attacked by Pravda as power-hungry & incompetent

A study of Iraqi health says deaths of under-5’s to double in next yr to 500/dy preventable

Ch. selling missiles to Syria, Pakistan

2 Chinese sent back by Hong Kong were executed

Here’s a good rumor: Rudolf Hess wasn’t. The Br gov ordered no pictures be taken of the man they imprisoned...


Thatcher has been making disparaging comments about John Major and esp scrapping of poll tax

US offered Israel to ignore Syria & meet all Israeli objections to peace conf — presence of UN observer & reconvening of the conf in exchange for no new settlements. So Shamir added a new condition: the right to veto Palestinians

Kuwait still expelling prisoners, 50 more, into Iraq

Under RR & Bush, gov info has been withheld, reduced, & privatized. Gov econ policy is based on such privatized info. Data on cross-border trade w/Canada comes from Canada. And prices are way up. Martin Marietta is the only way of getting daily State Dept briefings. Weather Service was privatized & price shot up — AP refused to pay. Depository libraries get much less datea, and w/out abstracts. Library of Congress bill-tracing service costs $9,500/yr for academics, $14,500 for businesses. Dept Ag info used to come from non-profit group at $50/yr + 50¢/minute. Now from Martin Marietta (which gets the info for free & is paid by USDA) & sells at $1,800/yr + $45/hr

New Statesman article 5/17/91 suggests that Croatia now a fascist gov. Prez Franjo Tudjman, a general during WW2, had hardline rep in CP but 1960s started re-evaluating the Croatian holocaust, whitewashing the Ustashe regime & saying massacres were the work of a few Serbs & much smaller than said. Croatia has criminalized “subversion,” has new secret police. Firms & unions now controlled by Croatian Demo Community (CDC). Serb workers must sign loyalty oaths. The Croatian militia has been purged of Serbs & other non-Croats & standards lowered to inc former criminals & training cut. Suggests Tudjman & Milosevic both want larger states & might cut a deal to divide Bornia-Herzogovina


Kuwait sentences to death women (Lebanese) who allegedly turned in her husband, in resistance

Yeltsin wins presidency on 1st ballot, 60% Leningrad will be St. Peterburg. Former Soviet PM Ryhzkov got under 20%

There is talk of US taking nukes out of S Korea @ NK not developing them.

8 of the 52 ex-hostages Iran call for investigation of Oct. Surprise


GAO says Resolution Trust Corp (of S&L) can’t track $billions in real estate & poor at overseeing contractors

CA Senate votes to ban citizen bond issues — Leg & governor still can (this up for ballot)


D of Energy wants UC to assume some liability for toxic spills, etc at Livermore & Los Alamos

RR says of October Surprise that on contrary, he worked to get hostages out... before election.

Sununu abused gov transportation yet again, taking a car & driver to stamp auction

Schwarzkopf admits US was prepared for 20,000 US casualties


Bangladesh ex-dictator Ershad sentenced to 10 yrs for possession of illegal weapons

1990 Israeli pop of Occupied grew by 13,000 to over 100,000. 2,500 of these were Soviets despite promises not to. There is a rumor that US will give no further aid for Soviet Jews unless settlements frozen

Bush went on tv, or tried to since no network carried it, to attack D’s for not passing his crime & transport bills in 100 days. Actually, John Warner, a R, is blocking the latter

Biden forcing gov to look into setting up a Radio Free China. VOA just started up in Tibet

House voted to reverse Admin policy 1984- denying foreign aid funds to family planning groups which advocate abortion, & to restore money to UN programs. Bush threatens veto. Would still prohibit actual US funds used for abortion

Jordan wants internat help to stop Kuwait executing people. 3 sentenced to death in absentia. Some of those sentenced are Jordanian

Israeli foreign minister says he’s been promised US won’t put forth any initiatives w/out getting permission 1st


SA repeals Pop Registration Act. And that only leaves the franchise

Likud dropping claims to both sides of Jordan River

Kuwait sentences Jordanian woman to death for applying for job at newspaper

Sup Court 6-3 allows police to question a defendant represented by a lawyer on an unrelated case w/out presence of lawyer. Scalia says the atty doesn’t automatically represent other matters. “Since the ready ability to obtain uncoerced confessions is not an evil, but an unmitigated good, society would be the loser” if such confessions invalidated because suspect had spoken to an atty

An SA military agent says he ran the covert op against SWAPO in 1989 elections, supporting the opposition w/out its knowledge. Used smears, money, transport & other support. Informers in SWAPO & UN peacekeeping force inc the sec to the UN special rep for Namibia. Succeeded when prevented SWAPO getting 2/3 needed to change the const. The agent says this is dress rehearsal for SA and army providing training for Inkatha

RR’s asst secy Navy, Melvyn Paisley, pleads guilty to conspiracy, bribery & theft. Admits accepting $100,000s in bribes from contractors, rigged contracts


Kuwait: 8 more sentenced to death, but absentia, 21 all told. Inc 6 journalists & editors. The secretaries got 10 yr prison terms, followed by deportation. Evidence came from an unknown police informer again

Israel working on settlement plan for 100s of 1,000s not in small enclaves but towns & cities along highways, harder to remove & right next to Palestinian towns. Altering the population mix of occupied land violates Geneva Convs.

Indian elections. Congress party is largest but not majority. Janata Dal did badly. Hindu fundie BJP picked up seats


Fr PM Edith Cresson says 25% Anglo-Saxon men homosexual

Since he was cut back from using military aircraft, Sununu’s been soliciting free trips on corporate jets

Another amendment down. Sup Court 5-4 says prisoners have no redress against even objectively inhumane prison conditions unless they can show them resulting from “deliberate indifference.”

SA did repeal the Pop Registration Act, but will maintain the register & use it for existing apartheid laws (differential pensions, segregated schools, draft). Bush says he’ll repeal sanctions, though SA is also supposed to release pol prisoners, under sanctions law, which they haven’t

US (House) to end $27m military aid to Jordan

Sup Court 6-3 upholds CA prohibition on pol party support in local elections — Oh, only on procedural grounds

On the abortion decision (Rust v. Sullivan), Nat Hentoff comments that if Bush gets his ed. vouchers, the gov could dictate discussion in those schools. Rehnquist said if there was an emergency requiring immediate abortion, that’d be ok, but evidently women can’t be warned in advice


Ger gov to return to Berlin

Sup Court 6-3 says police can board buses & “ask” for permission to search their stuff

Sup Court says free speech doesn’t extend to altered quotes in case where New Yorker jazzed up a quote. Something about a guy saying he was just an intellectual gigolo

Sup Court says voting rights laws do apply to judge elections

Czech has a defense system it says can detect Stealth

Fed cutbacks will force CA to cut immigrant amnesty ed. budget 60%. Fed funding was $133m 1988, is $40m next yr

The judge in trial of ex-Pakistan PM Bhutto is assassinated

Heads of Marine Corps, Army, Navy, but not Air Force oppose women in combat

Louisiana Leg overrides veto to ban abortions exc rape & incest & life; would punish drs. w/10 yrs, $100,000

New Yorker says Bhutelezi has gotten $70m from SA gov

Kuwait: 8 more. 29 total. Kuwait’s ambassador to US says Bush advised him not to be intimidated by criticism of the trials

One of people Sununu got corporate jet from was Howard Bender of Blake Construction, which does much gov work & previously (1985) funneled a $40,000 salary for Ed Meese’s wife at a time when his comp negotiating w/Justice on a lease


Nicaragua’s ed. program being taken apart by a Min of Ed. who once wrote a book sponsored by CIA. Has replaced all 2nd & 3rd-grade readers w/help of Nat Endowment for Democracy. NED running reindoctrination courses for 300 teachers. The books denounce divorce & abortion, use N Amer. iconography. One of new HS books says US intervention have brought “peace and stability” to Cent. Am. 4m textbooks sent by Norway have been burned, 370 teachers fired. Previous Ed. Minister said “We don’t want wise teachers; we want loyal ones.” Universities have gotten severe budget cuts

Bush’s crime bill failed in Senate despite Sen. R’s dropping bit about secret alien deporation courts & another hidden part about guns always being allowed as evidence in fed cases, however egregious the search

The Iraqi ambassador to US will not be allowed to go to DC to be questioned by Nat Press Club

Israel admits using undercover army units to spy on & arrest Palestinians. Units probably hit squads as well

Sup Court 5-4 says localities can ban nude dancing & require g-strings & pasties. The majority is split; the upshot is that states & such no longer need a compelling reason, but (Scalia) can assert, w/out having to prove, that it affects pub morality, or (Rehnquist) don’t even need to state a reason, because he says this is conduct & not expression. In practical terms, nothing now stops raids on movies, censorship of Equus, etc., censorship of cable tv. Says public’s “moral disapproval” of nudity outweighs 1st Amend protection. This is a reversal of the logic that prevailed in the flag-burning case 1989. Rehnquist says gov can protect “societal order & morality” by forbidding expressive activity w/in a private establishment. Rehnquist says nudity can be expressive conduct, Scalia not. Souter says it can be banned for “secondary effects” of encouraging “prostitution, sexual assault & associated crimes.” And perhaps Cincinnati could have stopped Mapplethorpe exhibit not on obscenity grounds but on the bases of such a public indecency statute, though Souter might not go along, having based his lone support on the narrow grounds above.


Gov. Wilson vetoes bill to allow illegal aliens to dec state residency for tuition purposes

Sununu has been told to stop soliciting priv corp jets. And on that plane, he falsified info to Boyden Gray, who’s supposed to screen. Gray rejected other potential plane providers.

The Soviet right wing tried (by vote in Duma) to grab power & transfer decree powers from Gorby to PM Pavlov, who was involved. Failed

SA has been releasing pol prisoners in what the ANC considers an arbitrary way. Umkhonto we Sizwe members still in jail, but others released for planting a mine that killed a white police colonel; those in stoning death of 3-yr old & burning a witch

LAT says state D’s redefining pol base by screwing those on welfare in favor of schools, agreeing to suspend COLA for welfare 5 yrs

SA amends Internal Security Act of 1950. Police detentions reduced from 90 days to 10, renewable only by judge. 24,000 have been held under it, under ¼ ever charged, 3% convicted. 60 died inc Steve Biko & 2 teenagers just last yr
-Nor can detain indefinitely witnesses or those likely to commit an offense. Nor can it ban quoting people. And support for communism now legal. Nor can people be banished. Nor publications be banned or gov to register & collect caution money. But police can still ban & forcibly disperse demos

New Indian PM the nonentity Narasimha Rao (Congress), expected to be temp. 1st S. Indian PM


US trying to stave off Yugoslav break-up. Slovenia supposed to dec ind Wed. US & Eur have been backing PM Markovic, the only person who wants unity. Markovic never tried to stop Serbian boycott of Slovenian products; Serbia withholding fed taxes & customs

Sup Court 5-4 says news media may be sued for breaking promise to a source

Kuwait has deported c.600 to Iraq this month, inc Iraqis, Palestinians, who are denied protection under Geneva conv since Kuwait has no dipl relations w/Iraq or PLO. Palestinians will not be admitted to Kuwait U., nor children who attended schools during occupation enter pub schools. The traffic dept says non-Kuwaitis will be deported for serious traffic violations

The al-Sabah family of Kuwait has $300b in US offshore banks, $52b in US bonds & treasury bills & owns 5+% of GE, McDonnell Douglas, Westinghouse, Dow, Arco, Texaco

Gary Indiana says war demonstrated the only products besides sitcoms the rest of world wants from US. War is the continuation of the Home Shopping Network by other means

Cambodian factions agreed not to accept foreign support


Croatia & Slovenia dec ind. Fed laws annulled w/out a presidency, it is unclear whether anyone has power to call out the army. Serbia seems almost willing to allow Slovenia to leave because it is homogeneous, not Croatia. US still says it won’t recognize ind.

USSR troops are out of Czech for 1st time since 1968

Kuwait to end martial law & more collaboration trials to normal courts


Kuwait commutes death sentences to life

One of Hussein’s demands to Kurds evidently that they cut ties w/West & help fight Shiites

Br clears Maguire 7, in jail since 1976. Forensic evidence may have been falsified. But judges talked of a fanciful towel w/nitro, so police innocent. No one’s seen this towel.

Gorby to end ind of Leningrad tv


Thurgood Marshall retiring. The Court will have a RR-Bush majority, & only 1 D-appointed. Considering the fuss about the Civil Rights/“Quota” bill, it’ll be interesting watching Bush tapdance around appointing/not appointing a black to replace him.

Yugoslav army trying to subjugate Slovenia 1st. Tanks & planes being used. A helicopter shot down over streets of Ljubljana. Army working 1st to secure borders. Slovenia itself borders It., Hungary & Aust., which is v. worried.

Zachary Taylor, who was dug up this week, was not poisoned. The D’s are thinking about running him in ‘92.

Sununu also uses guards in Fed. buildings to drive him & escort him on errands in NY & NJ, personal & otherwise

Soviet troops raid Lithuanian telephone center, later leave. Cent. gov says it was out of the loop

SA uses troops in armored cars, & roadblocks, to prevent black students consigned to a school w/out heat, library, perm toilets, etc etc using an abandoned white school

Senate to limit # of times an inmate can demand fed review of conviction in state court
-There was some sort of Sup Court decision I missed Monday limiting appeals, evidently because the lawyer filed appeal, 1 day late. He could be penalized for lawyer’s mistake because at appeal stage, he had no right to a lawyer anyway, according to a decision by Sup Court a couple of yrs ago.
-And Senate approved amend allowing death penalty for murders w/guns transported across state lines infringing on states. 65-33. And would allow death penalty in the states that do not have it, by superseding them


Iraqi troops fired warning shots to prevent UN inspectors looking for nuclear material. They were evidently caught carting it off

Yugoslavia claims to have secured all Slovenia’s frontier pts. Cease-fire in Slovenia

House voted to block Bush Admin spending money to enforce ban on abortion counseling. Bush will veto, but how can be spend money?

SA to join Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty

Poland to privatize & give share to every citizen

Sup Court 6-3 voted to allow evidence on victim impact in death penalty cases. Rehnquist says banning those while allowing mitigating evidence “unfairly weighted the scale.” This applies to sentencing

Chirac said Fr fed up with the “noise & smell” of Arabs & Afs

Soviet draft short 353,000 people. Down to 6% in Armenia, GA, Baltics

Kuwait confirmed all non-death sentences

Sup Court 5-4 allows mandatory life sentence w/out parole for nonviolent 1st offense, in this case procession of 1.5+ pounds of cocaine. Scalia-Rehnquist opinion said 8th Amend (cruel & unusual) has no principle of proportionality outside of death penalty, so any jail sentence is const. Kennedy/O’Connor/Souter simply that this was not disproportionate since drug sale not nonviolent & victimless. This reverses 1983 decision that 8th Amend involved 1) relationship between offense & penalty, 2) comparison to similar crimes & with 3) other states. Rehnquist/Scalia said this wrong, Kennedy et al simply eliminated criteria 2 & 3, if crime serious

Just going over the Bill of Rights. Am very pleased that my 3rd Amend right not to have soldiers billeted on me has not been eroded by the Court


Eur leaders claim to have brokered a cease-fire in Yug., involving 3-mo. suspension of ind. After they declared peace & went home, Slovenia at least said it never agreed to that or to participate in new elections for presidency
-Slovenian parl has rejected army’s ultimatum to cease fired. They say they’ve only fought in self-defense anyway

Crimean Tartars dec sovereignty over the Black Sea Peninsula

Thatcher to retire from Parl, so could criticize gov w/out worrying about it

Comecon winds up. Since trade E Eur/USSR went to hard currency Jan. 1, trade dropped 50%

NRC approved rule to renew for up to 20 yrs the oldest nuclear reactors, whose 40 yr licences running out

Australia Labor Party committed to referendum on becoming a republic in 10 yrs

Gulf War: Greenpeace says 151-183,000 soldiers of all sides d., 100-120,000 Iraqi, ½ during air war. 5-15,000 Iraqi civilians + 4-6,000 since war ended. In civil war, 49-76,000 civilians. 2m foreign workers returned home
-250,000 missiles dropped. 60-80,000 cluster bombs, scattering up to 16m bomblets. Smart weapons not more humane, since targeted on civilian infrastructure (power, water, medical, etc). Strips of metal were dropped into power grid to short it out & ruin it forever.
-3-6m barrels of oil still burning/day. Pollutants is 10X that of all US industry & power plants. Clouds mean temp in oil fields 20-25°F less than nearby, which will hurt everyone’s agric. And plants & water poisoned by oil film & soot on snow leading into water


One of the problems w/Sup Court lately is that it is lazy & careless in drafting decisions. In Sullivan (abortion advice in clinics) managed to damage rights of Congress by saying that if Congress didn’t specifically ban something in law, admin has incredible leeway in implementation — effectively, legislative power. And removed free speech protection from anyone getting gov money. On the nude dancing case, the implications are enormous. Lower courts have no guidance on just what, if anything, is protected expression — does it mean that Court will now allow ban on flag-burning? That’s certainly the logic, but I doubt the Court accepts or understands the full consequences, so who knows? Of course, last yr freedom of religion was subordinated to state’s interests on peyote & reflective bumpers. Protected expression is now akin to pornography — there isn’t a definition, but the Court knows it when it sees it.
-Hope may lie with the maverick radical right, meaning Scalia, not going along w/inexact decisions.
-Marshall was the last real lawyer, the one w/a sense for how decisions would operate in the real world.

This time Eur mediators really think they have an agreement in Yugoslavia. New presidency elections have put the proper person, Croatian Mesic, in. And ind delayed 3 mos. And army to pull back to barracks, if it obeys orders. Federal PM Markovic claims army’s ultimatum Saturday to Slovenia on army’s own initiative

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