Sunday, February 13, 2005

August 1986


Despite arrest of Chilean soldiers for “participating” in setting 2 on fire, Pinochet continues to blame it on the victims!

Limiting of prisoner correspondence is not under 1st Amend, says Court of Appeals

A woman who killed her son by starvation was allowed to plead down after (and only after) being sterilized

LTV (steel) is bankrupt, with little attention paid, too

Gov. Duke vetoed a law against discrim against AIDS--said no discrim existed, existing laws good enough

US has been giving intel on ANC to SA (NYT, 7/23). Intelligence exchanges were banned by Carter but evaded

The majority of immigrants every yr since 1930 have been women


RR admin apologized to Israel for publicity on smuggling of cluster bomb technology

RR: will delay deploying Star Wars 5-7 yrs if USSR allows expanded testing of systems meanwhile


SA will put electrified fence along border w/Mozambique to prevent refugees

An AZ inmate is suing for a smoke-free cell

King Hassan of Morocco, after meeting PM Peres, has had to resign as chairman of Arab summit

Iceland suspended whaling to avoid US sanctions

The top Star Wars scientist just returned to priv industry for a Star Wars contractor

Bolivia wants a $100m loan to replace lost cocaine income. State says maybe but there are insufficient guarantees (how ‘bout a few pounds of coke as collateral?)


FBI investigating whether Jesse Helms leaked news of a CIA op in Chile to Chile.

Pentagon illegally hired lobbyists for chemical weapons

Thatcher will support EEC sanctions on SA, presumably to head off real Commonwealth sanctions


Obstacle to Russian acceptance of RR proposals to extend ABM notice-per. from 6 mos to 5 yrs, etc, seems tied to acceptance of our “liberal interpretation” permitting testing & devt of defensive weapons--meaning no real restrictions, just 5 ys notice
-Both want a summit

Economist suggests Arafat is so unassailable because he alone controls $7-8b of Fatah funds

7 Commonwealth nations voted sanctions on Sâ: SA reprised against Zambia & Zimbabwe with a levy

Mexico will cut its oil production, in line w/new OPEC decision

On media: “everything is of interest but nothing matters.” [movie “Death Watch”]

Israeli Knesset passed law that Israelis can’t meet w/any “terrorist” organizs


Japan to increase defense buildup against USSR alleged buildup in Far East


China offering high aid to VN to persuade it to leave Cambodia

House voted a 1-yr ban on nuclear tests


Buthelezi wants issue of release of Mandela separated from that of unbanning the ANC
-Thinks Mandela could calm down the ANC, which should be unbanned later

The SA Conserv Party & Herstigle Nasionale party have an electoral pact

US farm pop dropped 11.6% since 1980 down to 5.35m 1985
-Median age 36.5 (31.4 nationally)

US sale of subsidized wheat to USSR has pissed off Australia

Swedish foreign aid to injured front-line states, ANC, refugees, etc. Volvo’s been out of SA since 1974. All parties called fro other multinationals to pull out. And there may be a joint Scandinavian program to help states which are victims of SA reprisals


US has withdrawn security obligations from New Zealand. Lange will not change policy
-US says NZ’s principle role is as a port--NZ says it is conventional forces + its econ role

Progressive Fed Party says SA has detained 6-12,000 since State of Emergency

China has intro unemp benefits, presumably as adjunct to free mkt

US to put more econ pressure on Cuba to hold to an old prisoner exchange program which they cancelled when we started broadcasting propaganda over Radio Marti


RR: Nicaragua deserves sanctions & SA doesn’t because Nic. is worse than SA domestically & tries to export revo


90% of SA’s gold goes 1st to Switz & that will not change
-SA has been stockpiling oil
-Japan is 2nd biggest importer from SA, 4th largest exporter but may join sanctions
-Ties are high w/S Korea, which keeps no published trade figures & SA just stopped publishing info on trade w/SK. Hmmm
-Singapore also fudges trade figures

RR yesterday said talks on SA w/UK, Fr & Ger proposed by Botha ok. Today, State withdrew it. SA just willing to talk about regional issues, not apartheid


Student boycott SA


RR ordered a new space shuttle whilst announcing shuttles will no longer launch satellites, leaving shuttles free for “science & research”. Cost: $2.2b


It seems that Jesse Helms went to Argentina in 1976 & told the military it should coup against Isabel Peron

The Sowetan of 8/8 was seized as “undesirable”

USSR will extend its test ban till Jan., God knows why. Propaganda ploy says US

SA named 8,500 people it has detained in Parl


Israel spies have also stolen plans for an air reconnaissance camera. Were supposed to be buying it, so this is just from cheapness

Russia unilaterally disarms. US says it is “just propaganda” and “contains nothing new.”

RR says if Nicaragua won’t walk w/contras, they’ll just have to overthrow the gov


RR & Bush have taken urine tests. We’re all impressed. Want “voluntary” testing of fed employees

Lockheed managed to lose 1400 secret documents, possibly on the Stealth

KwaNdebele, which has been heavily hit by violence, canceled its independence plan as way to end violence

You know something went wrong with the Russian Revo when they refer to talks as “businesslike”--and it’s positive


Can RR break out of SALT II w/out Sen. approval? Supposedly, only it can approve treaties


E Ger pensioners can cross the Wall any time they like

Russia is right that Israel can’t speak for its Jews. Israel is trying to extend pol jurisdiction over Russian citizens

Admin talking about compulsory drug tests for 1.5m fed employees, with dismissals

19% joining the military are black

Honduras: Contras can’t be trained there

Kerr-McGee gave $1.3m to estate of Karen Silkwood


Nasty natural gas accident Cameroon--1,500 dead

A US carrier to remain n. of Libya as a provocation


El Salvador won’t take a Contra training center (nor Panama or Honduras)

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