Sunday, June 03, 2007

I’d do lots of things

WIIIAI in exile, day 3. Now I know how RCTV feels.

From the Haditha hearings yesterday, possibly the most nauseating sentence yet, from Major Sam Carrasco: “Why would we leave one of our fallen angels out in the street unless you’ve had a lot of contact?” The argument he’s making is that the fact that the Marines didn’t remove the body of the, um, fallen angel who was killed by the IED proved that they believed they really were in a firefight with insurgents. Alternately, it proves that they gave a higher priority to exacting revenge.

Fred Thompson has been doing interviews. Asked by the AP what his priorities as president would be, he responded “I’d do lots of things.” He did not elaborate. And he told the NYT that he’s just testing the waters about entering the Republican primary, but “The waters feel pretty warm, to tell you the truth.” Must... not... make... McCain... incontinence... joke...

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